How To Choose The Best Electric Pressure Washer For Your Car

How To Choose The Best Electric Pressure Washer For Your Car

Guide On Finding The Right Electric Pressure For Cleaning Your Car

It’s unavoidable for your car to get filthy. Dirt is everywhere, from mud to pollen and dust. And once your car starts to look grimy, you need to wash it to preserve its appearance.

Washing a vehicle is not an easy task. Meanwhile, going to the nearest car wash may not provide you with the most efficient cleaning. Hence, you may want to consider investing in the best pressure washer for cars. You can quickly wash your car with these convenient cleaning gadgets. Additionally, it will also make the process of keeping your car looking good simple and fast.

Pressure washers can either be gas or electric-powered. Both are powerful machines that can make your life hassle-free. However, electric pressure washers are ideal for your home cleaning needs, including keeping your car looking sparkly clean all the time.

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Is It Safe To Pressure Wash My Car?

Family cleaning their car at the carwash

You can preserve the integrity of your automobile against certain elements when you wash it regularly. It’s a must to remove contaminants such as bird droppings and dust that have accumulated on the body of your car right away. And an electric is perfect for these needs.

Nonetheless, some car owners believe that utilizing the extreme pressure of a power washer can damage the paint of their vehicles. This is true, and if you’re not careful enough, your washer may incur damage to your car instead of storing its beauty.

But the key here is finding the right electric pressure washer for the task at hand. Likewise, you need to understand how your machine works and what to do to avoid unwanted accidents that may end up in costly paint jobs.

Which Pressure Washer Is Right For Me?

Professional car detailers recommend using a pressure washer with a PSI not higher than 1,500 for your vehicles. However, if you plan to use your device to clean your patio or driveway, you need something with a higher PSI.

In such a case, go for a model with 2,000 PSI or more. But make sure you have enough distance from your car, especially when utilizing the narrow spray nozzle, which is the most powerful one.

A word of warning. The 0-degree narrow nozzle produces a stream of extremely concentrated force. This can cause the paint of your car to peel off. Furthermore, combining this attachment with a more powerful washer can even cause more harm to your investment.

Hence, you need to ensure that your machine is equipped with the 25-degree, 40-degree, or other wider attachments. This is even more vital if your unit has more than 2,000 PSI. If you’re looking for convenience, consider checking out models that come with variable nozzles. You simply need to twist it to adjust the nozzle spray instead of purchasing separate tips.

As mentioned, pressure washers have two types. Gas washers are more powerful than their electric counterpart. Aside from extra storage, they also need more maintenance. You may also not like the fact that these machines tend to be loud.

For the majority of homeowners, an electric-powered washer is all they need to take care of everything in their property. There are also powerful electric models jam-packed with features, which you need to pay extra for. But if you’ll only do occasional outdoor cleaning and car washing, light-duty and affordable electric washer will do. You can often find great deals for washers on auction sites like Grays.

Check out what Alex Woodward recommends as the best electric pressure washer for most homeowners to help narrow down your choices.

Factors You Need To Consider

  • Power source. Washers with an electric motor are perfect for car cleaning since they deliver the most suitable PSI for the job. Meanwhile, those with gas engines come with higher PSI ratings. They work well for removing your car’s old paint.
  • Nozzle size. The size of the nozzle spray will have a major impact on the amount of water that will come out of your unit’s spray gun. Sometimes you may need a forceful spray tip to take care of tough grease stains. But make sure you are aware your car has some vital parts that may get damaged with a powerful spray. Hence, you may consider opting for a machine with adjustable spray tips. This allows you to easily adjust the spray width to make it suitable for the cleaning job.
  • Detergent tank. Sometimes, water is not enough to remove every stain on your vehicle. The solution for this is using a detergent or soap specifically made for your electric power washer. So you may want to look for a model that features a detergent tank.
  • Length of the hose. As a rule of thumb, your washer should at least have a 25ft long hose. If the hose reel is too short, you may see yourself knocking the equipment constantly. On the other hand, it’ll be a nuisance to maneuver around it if it’s too long.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Vehicle

A person cleaning the car by a garage with a high pressure washer.
  • It can get rid of tough stains. Power washers usually come with various settings for pressure for handling light to heavy-duty jobs. They can blast off grime, grease, oil, and other tough stains off your vehicle. Some units even come with tools like scrubbers that can make it much easier to remove troublesome stains.
  • Saves you precious time. At low pressure, it will only take you around ten minutes to wash your car on average. On the other hand, heavy-duty washing can take about 20 to 30 minutes only. As long as you’ve mastered your device, you won’t need an hour to make your car look new again.
  • Portable. Most electric pressure washers are lightweight. This means you can carry and move them around with ease. Likewise, it won’t eat up too much storage space in your home.
  • Cost-effective. Going in a car wash near you to take care of those difficult stains can hurt your wallet. Buying a power washer and doing all the cleaning yourself can save you plenty of money in the long run. Plus, you’ll be much happier with the results.
  • An eco-friendly option. You don’t need to utilize harsh chemicals to wash your automobile with a pressure washer. The high pressure it produces is enough to lift even the toughest of stains from your car. Most of the time, you don’t even need to apply a detergent, which is better for Mother Nature.


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