How to Beat Clutter in Your Home

How to Beat Clutter in Your Home

The clutter habit can become a very miserable problem. Things are nice to have, but, often too much becomes an out of control burden. Too much stuff crowds your world. It can be depressing for one’s mood. It can leave one feeling out of control of their environment. Keyrenter Austin Team has some great ways to help break that habit before it gets out of control.

The clutter habit ranges from mild to extreme. The extreme is what we call hoarding. One collects for fear of going lacking. This can derive from those whom have lived in times of depression. The extra material goods can make one even feel safe. A sense of security. It is all tied into one’s way of thinking and feeling all tied into the security of materialism. I have personally seen this type of clutter in my family. They kept things for so long the box crumbled when you were to touch it.

The first step is to start with the mind. Start praying and trusting God’s promise to provide all your needs. He has said he will never forsake you. Just as the birds of the air don’t worry about food for tomorrow you must also take it day by day. 

Secondly, gather a box for each room. Commit to fill one box of unneeded goods to donate for every room. Think of the people who have nothing that will be blessed. Visualize these items as being chains in your life. Feel the chains lighten from your shoulders. Take the box from each room and take it right away to the thrift store. Wave as you leave and say “My burdens are light in God I trust now.” Every week set a day to tackle this prodject. It takes baby steps for a process as this that has tied in your emotions. It can be quite hard all at one time to do. I find this is this healthiest way to go about it.

Thirdly, You must make wiser purchasing decisions. Shopping while feeling depressed is no time to shop if you have twenty towels. Do you really need to purchase more because they are on sale? If you feel the uncontrollable desire to anyway, then you must set consequences. If you buy new towels you need to give away twice the number you buy that are in the closet. This is more or less called self discipline for your own benefit.

You can do this if you set your mind to it. Step by step it is possible to conquer the clutter monster. Arise to a brighter tomorrow with the burden lifted and healthy habits in place for your future.


  1. Thank you for the tips! I definitely had the same problem myself for quite some time but then I’ve read nice tips in a book that I don’t even remember the name of. They had similar tips that you’re giving in the article and a few other ones I can share as well! So firstly – start decluttering from the biggest room and take out the biggest things that catch your eye. Maybe it’s an old sofa, the shelf you don’t use or something similar – get rid of it first. Then start removing small things, give away toys that your kids outgrew, etc. Then clean the room you’ve decluttered – you’ll find things that need to be removed during this process as well. And here you go – repeat this process for all the rooms you have and you’re done!


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