How To Add Value To A Used Car

How To Add Value To A Used Car

Used cars typically depreciate in value. However, there are ways to add some extra value to your car if you’re planning on selling. Below are just a few examples of ways to boost the value of a used car. 

Clean your car thoroughly

Just by carrying out some thorough cleaning, you can often make an old car feel brand new. This includes thoroughly cleaning the outside and inside of your car. Start by washing the exterior and scrub away as many stubborn marks as you can using a cloth. Clean the tires and rims as well, otherwise these will stand out as dirty. After this give the inside of your car a good vacuum and wipe down all surfaces. Make sure that any trash or clutter is removed. You can find more tips on cleaning your car here

Invest in professional detailing

Professional detailing takes cleaning your car to the next level. On top of deep cleaning it, the service may involve polishing your car and adding other finishes to truly recapture that new car feel. Consider visiting an auto detailing shop and asking for a quote. Professional detailing isn’t cheap and is therefore for higher value cars where you’re likely to have more of an impact when boosting the value. 

Fix up small dents and scratches

Small dents and scratches could bring down the value of your car. Consider getting some of these fixed before selling your vehicle. There may be cases where you can fix bumps and scratches yourself. Other bumps and scratches may require professional repair services. Before paying a company to repair minor damage, consider comparing a few quotes. For some types of damage, the cost of repair may not be worth the added value. 

Buy new mats

Dirty and worn floor mats could let down the appearance of your car interior. By buying new floor mats, you could make your car interior look fresher and could increase its value. You can buy floor mats cheaply online. In most cases, basic floor mats are all you need. This is a really simple way to add some value. 

Add fresh seat covers

Are your car’s seats stained or damaged? A great way of covering up this damage is to add seat covers. There are seat covers that you can buy that mold around your seats that look like the original fabric. Consider investing in these seat covers – they’ll make your car’s interior look newer and could increase the value of your car. You can buy seat covers in all different sizes online. 

Consider replacing worn tires

Buyers will typically give tires a close inspection. If they’re very worn, it’s likely to affect the value. Consider replacing any tires that are visibly damaged. Replacing all four tires could be expensive and may not be worthwhile with some cheaper vehicles. Try to opt for matching tire brands where possible so that the car doesn’t look mismatched. Shop around when buying tires in order to get the best deal. 

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