How to Add Extra Storage to Your Home

adding storage to your home

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a home with endless storage space, as much as we would love that to be the case! At some point, whether it just be you have collected a lot over the years, whether you live in a small apartment space, or whether there have been new additions to your family, everyone will have to try and find more storage space in their home. According to Young Property Management, most tenants that live in apartments are constantly looking for storage solutions. Here, we will be taking you through a number of different ideas on how you can improve the storage space in your home.

The Kitchen

The first stop that you will want to make around your house when looking for extra storage space is the kitchen. For many, kitchens are seriously lacking in enough storage space and a few shelves and drawers just are not going to cut it. If you are struggling to find enough space for your pots, pans, food and utensils then you may want to make a few adjustments in your kitchen space. You can try and store items under shelves, hang pot lids from adhesive hooks, build a pantry shelving system or even add magnetic panels to the wall to store cookware. These tips can help you to utilise your space without the need to create more.

The Living Room

Another area of the home where you can usually squeeze in some extra storage space is the living room. The living room is a place where you can relax at night or entertain friends and so you will not want it to be filled with extra clutter! To create extra storage in this room you can build floating shelves on the wall, hide any media equipment behind a wall mounted television, get a coffee table with extra storage space such as drawers or a lift up top and you can also hang up smaller items on your wall with planters. The goal here is to try and uncover space that is normally unused and find a way to make it into a place in which you can store things. The more you can hide, the less you will have to clutter up your home.

The Loft or Basement

Do you have access to a loft or basement? This is an ideal place to create extra storage whether they are converted or not! If they are converted, why not add some extra chests of drawers or cupboards placed here that can hold extra items? If you don’t have them converted this is even more ideal when searching for extra storage space in the home as you can use the entire space to keep items that you don’t regularly use. For example, as the seasons change why not sift through your overflowing wardrobe and remove any clothes that are not season appropriate. These clothes can then be stored in the loft or basement, ready for the following season to come around. Lofts with installed loft ladders and basements are also fantastic to use as extra storage space as they can normally hold a lot of items, so if you have items that are especially large and bulky, this is the perfect place to keep them.

The Bedroom

Our bedrooms should ideally be just a place to sleep but for most of us, this is simply not the case with the sheer amount of clothing that we have. There are also lots of other items that can make their way into our bedrooms such as televisions and game consoles. Storage problems are easily created in this room but there are a few ways in which you can solve the problem. There are small things you can do such as saving closet space by rolling up towels and storing extra sheets under the mattress.

If you have the space underneath your bed, you can also purchase plastic storage containers to fit and roll these under there. However, the best way to seriously maximize the space in your bedroom is to install fitted wardrobes. This is a costly purchase, but it is a serious investment that will also add value to your home.  Fitted wardrobes are ideal in bedrooms as they will use up every inch of space from the ground to the ceiling and they can be fitted into even the smallest and most awkward of spaces. Combine fitted wardrobes with swapping out your clothes for the different seasons and you should have no trouble with needing extra clothing storage space.

The Hall

For most people, the hall is quite a small space, but there is still potential to create extra storage here. This includes putting up hooks for any coats and jackets that you may have or getting shoe shelf where you can neatly store away any shoes that are normally lying around the hallway near your front door. This is also a great way to save even more bedroom closet space if you need it! You could also look into getting a hallway table with lots of drawers and storage space to store away your clutter.

The Garden

Lastly, we have the garden. The garden is an ideal spot to create extra storage as it completely gets the item out of the house. Garden storage offers you a place to put a wide variety of items and what’s great about it is that you can store really large objects out here that would take up lots of space if it was lying around in your home. There is a wide array of garden storage solutions that you can pick and choose from, so you can find one that is the perfect size for your garden space and storage needs as well as a storage place that looks great and ties in well with the rest of your garden space.

Try out a few of our storage tips around the home and see how much space you can save!

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