How Technology is Changing How You View Your Future Home and Destinations

3d renderings

3d renderings

Technology is changing quickly and put in the right hands, it can quickly blur the lines between reality and imagination. With the right software, designers can create the world we want to see or re-create the world around us. This opens the doors to buildings, monuments and homes that we may never be able to see inside of on our own.

There are several different software options for designers including modeling like Sketch-Up or Building Information Management (or BIM) software like Revit. Under the control of the right designer the software can create not only new furniture and spaces we could dream about seeing. Often, rendering software is used to create images that are used for architecture models and architecture mock up images. These images can be used to show a client what an idea should look like when the project is completed.

The use of 3D renderings is mostly for clients so they can visualize a project. While architects and designers can scribble on a napkin and fully envision a design, they know that not everyone is as visual as they are. That is why 3D renderings and images are so important. With the use of technology you can actually take a vr real estate tour and look inside a building you’ve never been to before, on the other side of the world. It’s the software that can help make these designs visible to everyone else in the world and makes the world accessible to everyone. Real estate agent, Marina Gorbounov from Evolve Realty, said that this is the future of home showings. Being able to show potential buyers and tenants how their new home will look before it’s built, or without the need for them to visit the property will drastically improve efficiency for real estate agents and property managers.

This same type of software can be used for more than just architecture, interiors and real estate – but can actually create completely new worlds that we can all enjoy. Design software including 3DS Max, Rhino and others have been used to create many of the movies we watch on the screen at the movies. From Transformers, to Ratatouille design software can create a world completely or add characters into the world we are in. There are times that the renderings, or final images, can be so good that you may not be able to tell that they are created in software.

There are so many things that can done with 3D software including creating spaces, characters, animation and even virtual reality tours. This can give someone a virtual walk through a space, and let them experience it. Many of the animated tours can be saved into video files so you can share them online on Youtube videos or personal websites. There is so much you can do with 3D rendering software, and they can blur the line between the world we live in and the world we want to see.


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