How Playing Video Games Can Become a New Family Tradition

super lucky tale and where to get it

super lucky tale and where to get it

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We grew up as the video gaming generation. Most of my friends have similar memories growing up like my sister and I do, with an Atari or the original Nintendo and even floppy disc games for our first computers. Gaming has come a long way over the years, and while it use to have the stigma that kids were sitting in front of the machine playing games to waste time – it’s been shown that it can actually help kids learn new skills.

Through the years, how we play with games and how we interact with them have changed a lot. The graphics have gotten a lot better, the challenges have changed and now they’re recognized as a great way for kids to learn new skills including socialization and even STEM and STEAM skills.

But one thing we’ve seen over the years is that gaming is starting to turn into a family activity instead of one for someone to lock themselves into a basement playing by themselves. Playing games with your family can be a fun way to get together time in, as well as find common interests for every age bracket in the home. Depending on the age of the kids in the family, there are a lot of different options to play together.

We were given a copy of Super Lucky’s Tale to play, and it’s the sequel to the original Lucky’s Tale game. It’s a fun game that kids will like and reminds us of the older games we played as kids. Without the use of first person shooter or any topics that might be considered too mature, Super Lucky’s Tale is a safe bet when you’re playing with younger players.

Gaming is a big part of our lives and our culture now, and we’re glad to have a game that kids will love to play along with that we can trust. Not only will we have a fun time together, but it’ll be a great way to spend time together – especially on snow days!

You can get Super Lucky’s Tale for Xbox One and Windows 10 for your PC. It retails at $29.99 and is rated E for Everyone. You can now and start that new tradition of playing games together as a family!


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