How Much Do You Know About Coffee?

How Much Do You Know About Coffee?

We all love a good coffee to help wake us up in the morning, but how many times have you been stood in your local cafe reading off random names without having a clue what they are? Well today are going to change that and explain a few of the most popular types of coffee for you.

In no time you’ll be an expert and know the difference between a macchiato and a flat white without a second thought!

Caffè Americano

The first type of coffee we are going to look at is an Americano and this is one of the most common in our list. To make an Americano all you need to do is add some water to a shot of espresso coffee to make it a little bit lighter. It is a great choice for first thing in the morning when you need a hit of energy.

Café Latte

A latte is one of the most loved types of coffee and one which people often add syrups such as caramel to. A latte consists of steamed milk and a shot of coffee. It tastes much lighter and creamier than most coffees and can be great for those who don’t like it too strong.


When most of us think of fancy coffees, this is likely the first word which comes to mind and it is no surprise why. Cappuccinos are super popular all over the world and they are a type of coffee which a lot of people love. A cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso, steamed milk and then frothed milk on top. A lot of people will also finish it with chocolate powder or shavings.


Now that we have mentioned espresso in the last 3 drinks, let’s take a look and see what one actually is. If you simply want a shot of strong coffee with no thrills, espresso is the ideal choice for you. To make an espresso you have to shoot boiling water through ground coffee beans until you get a strong shot of coffee to drink. It’s simple but effective. Did you, by the way, know that there are now manual models on the market to choose from? I didn’t know this before my friend showed me his AeroPress!

Flat White

A flat white is a coffee which for some reason confuses a lot of us, but with the wealth of coffees up for grabs it is no real surprise. A flat white is a simple type of coffee which uses steamed milk from the bottom of the jug which is flat and not frothy, and then this is poured over a shot of espresso for a simple and delicious drink.

Long Black

A long black is simple and strong, it consists of two shots of espresso and hot water. By pouring the shots of espresso over the water, it gives the inverse effect as an Americano.


A macchiato is another popular choice and it is one which is super simple and pretty similar to a cappuccino. You start with a shot of espresso and then top it with foamed milk which is poured into the mug directly. It is a stronger drink as it doesn’t have any steamed milk.

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