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the lucky one

the lucky oneLuck is a tricky thing, some people claim they have it, others swear that they only have bad luck. But really, how lucky are you? Are you the lucky one? Do you think the fates smile on you or that you create your own luck?

Ever since I was little I’ve never really believed in luck but in a few instances. Now is the time of year with lucky shamrocks and leprechauns, but will the Luck of the Irish smile on you? I’ve never found a four leaf clover, and the last time I walked through clover I was stung by one of our bees on the bottom of my foot. But that doesn’t mean I’m a total cynic.

I’m a firm believer that we create our own luck by how we approach situations that come at us. I tend to have good luck on Friday the 13th, when the rest of the world is lamenting the negative number and date. I approach it with open arms and take what the day has to give me.

We all have good days and bad days, but what is luck really? Are you really the lucky one or did you work for what is coming your way? I often hear how lucky I am for some of the opportunities I am offered. While I appreciate the sentiment, it’s not luck that brought the offers to me – it has been years of work and so many late late nights. Luck is what you make of it, and really – you’re the driving force behind it.

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