Hollywoods view on sheetsHollywoods view on sheets

How Hollywood Got Bed Sheets All Wrong

Bed sheets are valuable household items to have at home. These can help us sleep and rest comfortably in our beds whenever we need to. A good bed sheet can make the difference between having a good night’s sleep and sleep deprivation. Movies have a particular influence on how we choose our bed sheets to the point that some of us think that bed sheet, we see in Hollywood movies are good to have in real life. This may not always be true. Directors and producers always have the creative license when making their sets look attractive for their scenes, but the types of bed sheets used in movie scenes may not fit everyone’s beds. To see what type of sheets work best for you make sure to visit mybedcomforter.com

Linen and cotton sheets are the best

Well, not always. Although linen and cotton bed sheets have been in use for a very long time, the needs and household conditions of different homes vary, and alternatives may be required. You see actors and actresses sleeping soundly at night or any part of the day on or under cotton or linen sheets without even sneezing or itching a bit. In real life, this doesn’t always happen. Bed sheets made from these materials can be infested with bed bugs and dust mites, which can be troublesome for your sleep.

The idea of using a revolutionary and innovative product doesn’t really reach directors and producers yet, but they can learn a thing or two from using bamboo bed sheets. This type of site is gaining popularity among real-life users for many good reasons. The source materials are sustainable, the sheets are softer than cotton or linen, the sheets have antimicrobial properties, hypoallergenic and very absorbent. This could be a great set prop for Hollywood movie scenes.

One sheet or comforter for all-year use

Some very observant movie watchers may have noticed actors or actresses using the same type of comforter and bed sheet all year round. While there are comforters and sheets that can be used for all types of weather and season, it doesn’t mean that they have to stay on the bed for the whole year. Hollywood movie makers can make things more realistic by at least changing the type of colors of comforters like using pastel colors or white sheets for summer and black or dark colors for winter. This way, movie scenes won’t make the impression that comforters or bed sheets don’t need cleaning and replacement.

Eternally wrinkle-free sheets

Many movie watchers may have observed that bed sheets in movie scenes remain wrinkle-free no matter how ruffled they can get from the lovemaking or unsettled sleeping of the actors and actresses. We don’t often get to see scenes of the actors or actresses fixing their sheets before leaving the room, but we see that the beds are neatly made like no one has slept over them. Of course, there are many available wrinkle-free bed sheets on the market today, but none of them are pure cotton or linen sheets. Most of the wrinkle-free sheets, we see nowadays are made of microfiber, polyester or bamboo.

Hollywood movies have very high creative freedom granted to directors and producers, that the sets and props have unrealistic and almost magical properties. Movie watchers should be always practical when it comes to using products or objects seemingly suggested in movies. There can be items there that do not necessarily reflect appropriate usage in real life, like bed sheets in this case. Hollywood for its part should also realize the importance of its power of suggestion and influence over viewers. Thus, it would be recommended to feature products and items that are depicted realistically in movie scenes. When it comes to bed sheets, comfort, durability, and affordability are the standards that still need to be followed.

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