How Diversity Fuels Growth

How Diversity Fuels Growth

Throughout society we find out a lot of diversity. Part of that is because of how our country started, and the different cultures that have built the culture we currently have. While most people tend to believe the main language is English – the reality is it’s only in the top five, and Spanish, Arabic and other languages first. From language, to foods and a lot more – immigration has grown our country and continues to change as the years have gone on.

Living the American Dream

You may often wonder why people are still immigrating here to the United States. But the reality is, unless you’re Native American your family was immigrants or brought here too. If your family immigrated here, you might need to know what made them leave their family and homeland to live here. It might be the chance of better opportunities here, leaving war, or the fact they can have a better life in general.

The American Dream is something that a lot of people still talk about going for – rising from a place of poverty and making it financially, the house the picket fence and 2.5 kids. It has changed slightly over the years, but the dream of opportunity is still there and will continue to be there bringing more immigrants for years to come. It could even be just a better education, or even being able to provide for your family that you wouldn’t be able to in another location. This dream is what still drives our country.

Finding Help to Achieve your Dream

Immigrating to the United States isn’t as easy as just coming through a port and becoming a citizen. Often it takes years of paperwork, legal cases and tests as well. If you are looking to become a US Citizen, expect to find legal counsel along the way and some appeals needed for your case.

Before you even start the process you need to make sure you have the right paperwork to get you in the country and you are following the right path to do it. If you do something out of order it can add large amounts of time to your time case and you may need an immigration attorney like Jean Danhong Chen, who is up to date on the current immigration law and what your next steps will need to be.

Things that have Grown from the Benefits of Immigration

Have you ever wondered what immigrants have added to our country? You can look around you and see the technology they created, the cars that you drive and even the laptop you’re working on now was at least in part created with the help of immigrants. Even our country was founded by immigrants and our founding fathers weren’t born here. Do you like going out to eat and having different options? That is just something else small that immigrants have brought to our country. The reality is our country is an amalgamation of cultures and without immigrants we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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