What Could Go Wrong On Your Next Road Trip?

How A Road Trip Might Be The Best Vacation You Have Ever Embarked On

There’s a very special kind of mindset that goes into the planning of a road trip. It’s not like a usual vacation. This is because it doesn’t have one singular location, and thus, likely no singular purpose. But what you sacrifice in targeted exploration you make up for in the raw experience. On a road trip, the travel is part of the entire package.

This means doing it in style. You might rent out a couple of motorcycles with a friend and head down Route 66. You might decide to hire a small hatchback and drive around the beautiful hill roads of France. You might explore a number of countries. But you do need a form of energetic interest to make this work, and the willingness to see what every day brings rather than planning it to the hilt. This is an extremely adult holiday type through and through also, because nobody with children would find themselves adoring a long-form drive unless they have some form of masochistic streak.

But a road trip, loosely planned well, can be one of the best vacations you embark on. Let us explore why:

It’s An Intimate Affair

Not only do you get to experience the beauty of wherever you travel with your friend or relative, but you also get a solid amount of downtime with them. Of course, the silent side-by-side road travel if using seperate motorcycles or perhaps one with a sidecar can be a meditative and comfortable experience, as you’ll be finding enjoyment in each other’s presence. In a vehicle, unfettered conversation or the appreciation of road power ballads playing (at sensible volume of course,) wherever you head. It’s an intimate affair to spend with a friend, a relative, or perhaps a few of them.

However, a fair warning needs to be made. If you don’t usually get on with the person you opt to travel with, a compressed experience in a vehicle might not help matters. Be sure to only travel with those you appreciate and trust. If you get this right, it can help you bond even more deeply, with an experience you might not have considered.

More Freedom

While you might have a general outline of where you wish to travel, such as border to border, say the South of England to the border of Scotland, you may decide to take your time getting there, and take a few diversions. Provided you have the funding to stay overnight in simple B&B’s or small hotels each night, you can take all the diversions you want. Planning with your partner in the morning can help you figure out what you’d both like to see, or what streets might be the most fun to travel down.

The soul of a road trip doesn’t usually come from simply traveling down the motorway or highway ad infinitum. It comes from heading down the side streets, passing through towns and cities, or even small villages, and seeing what you can find. A GPS can be useful of course, but don’t be afraid to explore, provided your travel companion agrees. Of course, too thin of a plan can lead to tension if two people wish to go in opposite directions, so agreeing on everything before the day progresses can be a good idea. But often, this freedom can light the fire of inspiration you might not know you needed. Also, through this effort you completely avoid simply sticking to the well-known ‘tourist routes,’ or flying in and out of the country as if a delivery.

A road experience can help you experience much more of a country, because you are quite literally seeing a larger percentage of it. Just be sure you have prepared yourself. A solid road map, a careful understanding of the road rules, insuring yourself and adhering to all road law of that country, not getting ahead of yourself, and keeping the contact information of a motorcycle accident attorney close to hand can be worthwhile considerations.

A Food Tour

If there’s a better method of experiencing all of the cafes, restaurants, bistros and delicatessens than a solid road trip, we have no idea what it is. Think about it. It’s the perfect set up. You roll into a town, and see what’s around. You search online. You find a beautiful place to eat. You eat there for lunch, filling yourself to the brim with indulgence. You relax and let your food settle. Then you have hours of seated driving to digest it, without a care in the world, until the hunger strikes again.

Of course, the consumption of alcohol is something you will have to be careful with. Only on the nights is this acceptable, and when you do imbibe, you must not drive for the rest of that day. You must also not drink to excess if hoping to drive the next day, because hungover driving can be just as dangerous. However, with a little care and attention, this road trip can prove to be the most delectable culinary tour of your life.

With  these tips, we hope to have convinced you to take a road trip, at least one time.

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