Hotel Transylvania Characters Visit Patients at Beaumont Children’s Hospital

hotel transylvania at children's hospital
Children's Miracle Network Hospital
Visiting a doctor can be scary when you’re a kid, and a hospital stay can be even scarier. But patients of Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak were treated to spooky visitors today – they were visited by the characters from Hotel Transylvania. The larger than life characters met even the smallest patients on their surprise visit.

Children's Miracle Network Hospital

Hotel Transylvania is a spooky fun movie for kids that surrounds Dracula’s hotel resort and the celebration of his daughter’s 118th birthday. The movie features Hollywood greats like Adam Sandler, Kevin James and CeeLo Green.

Today Johnny, Frank and Murray made their way to Beaumont Children’s Hospital. Their visit was hosted by Dr. Don from 99.5 WYCD with the hopes of bringing smiles to the small patients faces. The characters greeted several patients in the hospital’s Garden Room for pictures and surprises. The large characters lumbered and bounced their way through the hallways to visit patients.

Children's Miracle Network Hospital

The heart warming visits were also taken to patients who were unable to leave their rooms. The characters visited the bedsides of children who were waiting for surgery and their treatments. All children were surprised with a copy of the movie and other movie related material.

Beaumont Children’s Hospital is part of the Children’s Miracle Network. Providing live saving and improving care for children of all ages.

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  1. I love that they’re doing this for the kids. It can be a scary time in their life and they totally deserve to have fun surprises 🙂

  2. WOW! What an AMAZING thing to DO and to Witness! I cannot even Imagine what the children are going through (or their parents/family) And if this put a smile on their faces and helped them forget, just for a moment, HAS to be worth it!! Love to all the children! <3


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