Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Night

Hosting a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Viewing Party

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie NightStar Wars: The Force Awakens took the world by storm and broke a lot of records, so it was hard to think that there were people who hadn’t seen it yet. But over New Years, we found out that some of our friends hadn’t seen the movie yet, and we were shocked! I had seen it a couple times by that point, and we loved every moment of watching the movie – you can check out The Top Reasons to Pick up Star Wars the Force Awakens on BluRay.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie NightThen last week, we got a surprised package from Hasbro and Disney  filled with great toys to review and enjoy. Imagine how excited we were to see this waiting for us. Inside it was packed with everything we’d need to host a great Star Wars party, we just had to add food and guests! From Star Wars: The Force Awakens plates, cups and napkins and great branded Popchips, we were almost ready to go – the invites went out, and we had friends coming over for dinner and a movie.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie NightIt didn’t matter that the box was mostly filled with toys, we were going to have a great time playing with them and watching the movie. Inside we found R2-D2 Bop It, Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber, a Kylo Ren Mask, Darth Vader Mask, Rey’s Jakku Blaster, Star Wars the Force Awakens Figurines, First Order Storm Trooper Blaster, and of course Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know Trivia Book.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie NightAfter dinner, we popped in the movie and cranked out up surround sound and enjoyed watching the movie with some homemade cheesecake and some popcorn. Watching the movie with friends who had never seen it was like watching the movie again for the first time.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie NightAnd after the movie – we broke out the toys! Nerf darts were flying everywhere, Kylo Ren stabbing people with his lightsaber, and of course we learned some new facts about Star Wars (which was amazing we didn’t know them already!). The toys may be marketed for children, but they proved to be a lot of fun for kids of any age – and helped make our movie night not only a lot of fun, but a night that none of us will forget.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie NightThank you to Hasbro and Disney for the great Star Wars: The Force Awakens party package and a fun movie night. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available everywhere now on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital HD. Host your own Star Wars: The Force Awakens party and add in some great fun with the new toys by Hasbro!

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