Host a Holiday Movie Night with Angels Sing #angelssing

Angel Sings Family movie Night

Angel Sings Family movie Night

It’s that time of year where we spend a lot more time inside with the colder weather. I absolutely love watching Christmas movies with our family, and this year was the second year we’ve watched Angels Sings as part of our holiday tradition. We were sent a copy of Angels Sings and some goodies to watch with our family this year. The movie is a nice reminder about the spirit of the holiday season.

Angel Sings Family movie NightThe Lionsgate film surrounds a family who move into a house that is in a neighborhood that is known for their holiday decoration and celebration. Due to something that happened in the past, the father doesn’t like the holiday season. His Grinch like attitude isn’t well received by the neighbors, and the movie takes him on a journey that helps him find his holiday spirit again. The movie hints at the reason for the season without a huge focus on any religious message.

We love the family friendly message in the movie and how it’s more a focus on relationships and the holiday season. This is a movie we like sharing with our friends and family, so we made sure to get some beautiful decorations up, some snacks and popped some fresh popcorn when our families came over. Angels Sing is a movie that your kids can watch with you, and you don’t have to worry about any unsafe or scary moments.

Lionsgate has a checklist to help you get ready for a family movie night of your own. Make some cocoa, grab some snacks and your loved ones. And don’t forget to grab a copy of Angels Sing¬†and make this part of your holiday tradition this year.

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