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honest earth candles review

honest earth candles reviewHave you ever noticed that when you buy candles they smell and look great, but shortly after you can’t smell them any more? The scent seems to only be surface deep, and if you don’t burn them completely down the colors will fade or even start to turn to different shades. Both are usually caused by using cheaper ingredients, or using lower grade dyes and scents.

Finding a candle that not only smells good, but is made from high quality ingredients can be hard so I was happy when Honest Earth Candles sent me one of theirs to review. Not only are the candles made with soy wax, but they use essential oils throughout for a better overall smell. The candles are free from anything synthetic products and have a great natural goal and statement.

Honest Earth Candles are:

Good for you

• 100% natural NON GMO soy wax
• Metal and lead free UNBLEACHED wicks
• Free of color additives
• 100% pure essential oil
• Virtually no black soot
• Aromatherapy grade
• Burns cooler than paraffin wax
• Cleans up easily with soap and water
• Soy wax meets FDA standard
• Kosher certified soy wax
• Free of Genetically Modified Materials
• Spa quality massage oil and hand moisturizer

Good for Earth

• Zero dependence on foreign oil
• Biodegradable soy wax
• Not tested on animals
• Free of palm wax
• Recyclable packaging
• Reusable containers
• Supports U.S. farmers
• Zero waste for landfills
• Sustainable production practices
• NO frosted glass
• NO petroleum products used
• Free of pesticides and herbicides
• Free of synthetics

honest earth candles reviewWe were sent two candles to check out (one to try and one to give away). I chose the Peppermint candle to burn because as soon as I opened the jar, the whole area was filled with a delicious peppermint smell. Inside the candle is only three ingredients, soy wax, essential oil and an unbleached cotton wick. When we lit the candle, the smell intensified and the soy wax burned evenly. The area was filled with a warm light and the delicious scent.

Essential oils are used in each of the Honest Earth Candles to not only provide a better burning experience, but also the aromatherapy qualities related to the oils. On smell memory alone, there’s something relaxing about lighting a candle in one of your favorite scents. And because of the high quality wax used in the candles, as the soy melts they can actually be used as massage oils, and more relaxation. The 9 oz jar candles can burn over 40 hours, leading to long lasting hours of relaxation without the toxic chemicals other brands use.

Honest Earth Candles wants one of my readers to try out beautifully made candles, and you can enter to win one below.

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. What is your favorite thing about Honest Earth Candles? Which candle scent would you like to try out?  If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!

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  1. One of my favorite things about Honest Earth Candles is the name! It sounds so peaceful. The second thing I love is they are cruelty free, and vegan! That is big for me! The third this is all the ingredients that are in the products that are good for the earth, and for humans. I would love to try Lemon Grass.

  2. I still think the lavender would be my absolute favorite scent to try. Lavender scented candles vary so much and I’d be interested to smell this one


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