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spectrum bathroom organization giveaway

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom OrganizationNow that I’m back from this month’s busy travel schedule, I’ve changed my focus on unpacking our new home. But just like every house, this one has it’s issues. Not that I’m complaining, but there are some things that I would do differently if I were to design this house. I’m on a quest to make sure we stay organized, and I obviously needed a little help there! Spectrum Diversified has a great selection of home organization products and sent me some for our master bath to review.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

The first rooms I wanted to get set up, for obvious reasons were the bathrooms. And while they both are beautifully done, there are a few things missing when they redid them. The first obviously issue in both bathrooms is there aren’t any toilet paper holders! How weird is that? There is also a lack of storage, everywhere. Both sinks have large cabinets for the plumbing underneath, but no drawers or medicine cabinet. Our old bathroom provided space for storage, and the daily essentials so this was the first area that we needed to work out. But due to the size of both bathrooms, and how the doors swing – adding shelving units or cube systems wouldn’t work. And let’s face it – I don’t think it looks nice just having the toilet paper just sitting on top of the toilet tank.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

The toilet paper issue was the first thing I wanted to take care of. We weren’t too keen on the idea of drilling holes in the new cabinets or the tile, or new walls to put in a toilet paper roll holder. So Spectrum sent me one of their Euro Toilet Tissue Reserve to use instead. It isn’t a traditional toilet paper dispenser, but holds the rolls we need and allows us to keep an eye on the current paper stock. It’s a simple solution and can be moved around as needed.

It’s a simple solution and it has an elegant look while taking the extra rolls out of the only storage place available in the bathroom. I love how easy it was to use – seriously set up and add toilet paper, and how much space it saves us!

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

With a small counter top – finding a place for everything is hard to do. Especially when we only have the under cabinet area for everything. Since this is the master bath, it is one that we both will be using almost every day – so it has to have all of my boyfriend’s stuff as well as mine. I can see it turning into a huge mess under the sink if I just tossed everything I use every day under the sink.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

The first order of business was to make sure all of my hair tools was taken care of. Spectrum of course had a great solution for this, their myBella Over the Cabinet Door Styling Station. Like several of their other products installation doesn’t require more than unpacking and setting it up – no tools! I’m sold!

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

The myBella Over the Cabinet Door Styling station does just what the name says – hangs over the top of the door of your cabinet. It doesn’t block the door from closing, or require any tools. But one of my favorite features is the “soft feet” that are on the back of the styling station. They prevent the station from scratching the inside of the cabinet or denting anything if the unit moves.

The central circle is perfect for your hot hair tools like flat irons or even the handle of your hair dryer. You can store additional hair tools and products on either side. When you close the cabinet door it doesn’t swing, or get in the way of the plumbing or other items inside.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

I believe the center cavity is ideally suppose to be for your hair dryer, but I found that mine is much larger than the average one, especially with the diffuser attached. But it still fits easily in the styling station and the bottom helps keep the cords from getting tangled and in the way of other items in the cabinet.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

But what about everything else in there? First aid items, razors, facial products and other items. Without drawers to organize items, I decided to look into baskets. Spectrum Diversified sent me one of their Small Scoop Baskets to help out. The name may say the basket is small, but that is a full sized peroxide bottle in the picture! It’s large enough to hold hand towels, full sized products, and anything you’re looking to organize. The baskets do not stack, but will be great under the cabinet, in the pantry or even in the linen closet. The scoop baskets were a great solution to our organization problem, and we may be looking to add another for a his and hers organization system.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

The combination of the styling station and the scoop basket allow us to organize the products we use every day easily in one compact space. They don’t even conflict when we close the door and make organizing our small space easy. Both are simple solutions and extremely easy to use and great to help us stay organized.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

In the master bathroom shower we also have the issue that there isn’t any place to put – well, anything. It makes it a bit hard to get ready in the morning, and I’m not a fan of leaving wet bottles of shampoo and conditioner on the floor. But due to the size of the shower overall – I didn’t want anything large and bulky to take up the space. This was the perfect place for the Spectrum Diversified Large Shower Caddy. Again, another simple solution that doesn’t require tools or tricky installation. It simply hangs over the shower head’s rod and stays in place with the suction cup, it holds enough for at least two adults and doesn’t take up any additional square footage in a smaller shower space.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization
Before I installed the Large Shower Caddy our shower products sat all around the shower. On the window sill, on the edge of the shower and even on the counter across the bathroom. It was almost a choreographed danced to take a shower every morning.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

With such a small footprint to the shower, I didn’t want anything that would take up a large amount of space, and the Large Shower Caddy was perfect for this. It holds all of our full size products, soap, razors, shower puffs and doesn’t take up any floor space. Now, everything is in one space, and within a quick grab while we’re getting ready.

Earlier I mentioned that the Large Shower Caddy hangs over the shower head and is secured in place with a suction cup. Unfortunately the suction cup did not like sticking on the tile in our shower, but the caddy could be secured at the top or locking suction cup may fix that issue for our bathroom.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

Despite the small issue with the suction cup, I love how much the Large Shower Caddy holds and how it helps us stay organized. But it has a couple other features that are absolutely amazing and I hadn’t seen in the past when shopping for other shower caddys. On the bottom of the main product area is a bent metal rod, besides being a fun design accent it actually has a neat purpose. When your products are low, simply put the bottles in upside down. The bent rod keeps the bottles upright and helps you get the most out of your bottle without hitting it to get the last drop out. I also love the hooks on the side to hold your razors and puffs. There’s no guessing what goes where, and everything fits perfectly on the caddy.

Spectrum Diversified Bathroom Organization

Our master bath isn’t huge, but it does have to be functional. With the bathroom organization tools Spectrum Diversified sent it was quick and easy to set up our bathroom and get organized. Each tool helps with the lack of space, and keeps everything in its place. I love the look of each of the products, but even more so how easy it was to set everything up. I believe the whole organization of my bathroom took under 10 minutes, and no tools were required!

Now that our bathrooms are set up, I’m moving onto other rooms with the goal of staying organized. I’m a little afraid of what I’ll find in the kitchen as I continue to unpack everything!

Do you want help organizing your bathroom or other spaces? Be sure to check out Spectrum Diversified’s website. They’re also giving one of my readers some bathroom organization tools to help you out on your quest to stay organized!

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  1. I’m struggling to decide on what the biggest struggle is. Probably the toys, they need to be tamed! I am a very very organized person…but it seems Grandparents are determined to keep me on my toes with the toys. Thanks for the giveaway oppty!

  2. I had to think about it and honestly I agree with the other posters. Toys are everywhere, It is like a toy explosion and I feel as though I am always picking them up and “trying” to contain them. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  3. My problem is under the sink in the bathrooms. Everything is an just tossed in there. My biggest problem is storage of mason jars waiting for something to be canned in them.

  4. My biggest home organization problem is definitely my bathroom. I only have 1 with 6 people so it is a challenge to keep it organized.

  5. My grandparents built my house in 1952 and like many houses built back then,storage was not given much consideration so I have storage issues everywhere.

  6. Oh these are great and really handy when it comes to storeage problems that everyone seems to have– thanks for sharing and a chance– I need baskets so badly– got my fingers crossed

  7. Mine is under my kitchen sink. There is so many cleaners, dish soaps, sponges, scrubbers etc. It’s such a mess!

  8. My biggest challenge is the toy box for my dogs. They pull out the toys and scatter them throughout the house, and I can never get them to put them back.

  9. My master closet is my biggest organizational problem. I can keep other things neat and tidy, but I let my closet go, and it’s a nightmare! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  10. My biggest problem is I hate to throw things away!! I need to go through the cabinets in my kitchen, check expiration dates and throw things away.

  11. My problem is my bathroom items and linen. We have no cupboards or a linen closet, so everything is just stacked

  12. My biggest organization problem is towels and washcloths as I have no linen closets and very little storage in our bathrooms.

  13. Mu biggest organizational challenge is my linen closet. I love to take advantage of coupon deals which means that I never run out of shampoo, conditioner, deodarant, etc, but my closet is bursting!

  14. My biggest organizational challenge is finding a place for everything! Then, once I organize it, keeping it organized is a challenge.

  15. Our major problem would be that we just have to many products. Two women in the house and one is a teenager. Enough said. !!!!

  16. Without a doubt and i don’t even understand why, but my biggest organizing challenge seems to be my little girls room, especially the changing table area. No idea why it seems to constantly get packed full of fifty thousand items, but it does lol.

  17. Without a doubt and i don’t even understand why, but my biggest organizing challenge seems to be my little girls room, especially the changing table area. No idea why it seems to constantly get packed full of fifty thousand items, but it does lol.

  18. The closets! Oh, and the bathroom. I can’t keep my walk in organized and I can’t keep all my makeup/girly products organized. I’m always hunting for something

  19. One of my biggest organization problems in the bathroom is storage. It’s teeny-tiny and we are a family of 5. All of the toiletries can be overwhelming.

  20. My biggest problem is that I am in an old building and I have tore out some walls leaving me with very little storage space.

  21. my biggest home organizational challenge is putting everything away when i first bring it home, that way i know where everything is when i look for it.

  22. I have to agree with Sara B. My biggest problem is under the sink which is a good amount of space just not easy to use.

  23. My storage problem is different from most of the others. I own some rental units so I have tools to do minor repairs. But in my home I have no place to store the tools unless I use one of my kitchen cabinets. I’m seriously search for something to tame my tool explosion.


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