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home herbal remedies review

home herbal remedies reviewWhenever I’m ill, or have a minor injury the first thing I try to do is treat it at home. I was raised using aloe on sun burns, and now drink hot toddies for sore throats. But most of what I do at home is from the store and over the counter. It seems that more and more people rely on over the counter medicines instead of using things their families have used for years. Past generations have used more natural and chemical free treatments for their own health and even in their recipes to promote over-all health.

home herbal remedies reviewWe’ve been systematically removing chemicals from our food and throughout the household. But over the years, some of the older ways of treating small ailments and creating medicinal herbal treatments have disappeared or been all but forgotten. Thankfully, some of the older methods can be found in some books including The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies. We were sent a copy to check out and to use as a reference around the house.

home herbal remedies reviewThe Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies is more than just a recipe guide for small herb combinations for cuts and scrapes. Instead the book contains a history of herbal remedies, recipes for including healthier options and ways to improve your health. The book covers different ways modern living can affect your health and ways to combat it. Overall there are 125 different herbal remedies, recipes and items to help with  your day to day health. You can find instructions for making anything from aromatherapy bath salts to muffins, and each one includes not only the recipe and ingredients but the tools you’ll need to make it.

For someone looking to try different and more natural ways to treat home ailments, The Essential Guide to Home Herbal Remedies is a great reference. It is just over 250 pages and will help you learn what natural plants you can grow for your own home poultices and more.


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