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Michigan may be covered in ice and snow right now, but I’m already looking ahead to planting my garden next year. From choosing which seeds I will plant, and finding the the right set up: canister vs. in the ground. One thing, that I have wanted to do for a while is start composting. Not only does it provide nutrient rich soil for my fruits and veggies, but it also provides a place to put our kitchen scraps.

Since our house is older, we don’t have a garbage disposal. So until RSVP International sent me one of their Composting Pails to review our kitchen scraps would end up in the trash. While the squirrels love the snacks, it wasn’t ideal!

RSVP Intl Composter

The RSVP stainless steel composter pail fits conveniently on your counter. It’s overall size is only 9 inches x 7 inches x 7 inches, so it will not take up a lot of counter space. And it’s stainless steel exterior will match pretty much every kitchen design.

Inside the pail is a smooth interior that makes it so your food and scrap parts will not stick to the inside and for easy and quick cleaning.

RSVP Intl Composter

The lid of the composter pail not only looks elegant, but also serves another purpose. The holes surrounding the handle provide perfect air circulation inside the pail. Making sure your compost has good air circulation is important to make sure your scraps break down properly. The black inside the holes on the lid aren’t just shadows, they’re actually the access to the carbon air filter. This is also key to creating compost inside – it will help prevent odors from creeping their way into your kitchen as items break down. These need to be replaced every few months depending on how often you use your pail and what you put in it.

RSVP Intl Composter

A counter top composter pail is essential if you cook at home a lot. With the amount of cooking from scratch and canning I do, I always have a lot of scrap left over that I feel bad about throwing away. When it is broken down enough I can add it to the larger pile I plan on starting in the back yard. Come spring, I should have nutrient rich soil for my starter plants this season!

You can find the RSVP Composter Pail and replacement filters on Amazon for $39.99

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