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Canned Mushrooms Recipe
I have a love hate recipe with mushrooms. I love the flavor they give recipes, and even the touch of them fresh but hate the texture (most of the time) when they are cooked. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but I still pick them out of meals that even I have prepared.

Mushrooms are one of the few things I wont be growing in our garden or home, so I tend to buy them fresh at the store or in cans for recipes. I always look for the sales because I love getting them to make my soup mixes and more. Meijer had their mushrooms 10/$10 get the 11th free last week. Half went to onion soup mix, the other in the canner!

Canned Mushrooms Recipe

What you need:

  • 4 pint jars with bands and lids
  • 3 lbs of fresh white mushrooms
  • salt
  • water

First start by soaking your mushrooms for about 20 minutes in warm water. I used my salad spinner for this so I could easily lift them out and drain the dirty water away!

Canned Mushrooms Recipe

After 20 minutes rinse the mushrooms in cold water and remove any remaining dirt. Remove their stems and begin slicing.

For smaller mushroom caps around the 1 inch mark – just add them to the pot. Larger caps slice thin, or in half, or however you want. I cut mine into 3 manageable pieces.

Canned Mushrooms Recipe

Have a large stock pot waiting and add in your cut your mushrooms. Once you’re done chopping your mushrooms, cover them with water and cook over medium heat until boiling. Boil for five minutes and remove from heat.

Drain the mushrooms from their cooking liquid and add to hot prepared pint jars. Add in fresh boiling water and a pinch of salt. Follow directions below for canning instructions.

Canning Instructions: 

  1. In a large pot sanitize your jars. Place your jars in and fill with water. Simmer on medium (do not boil) until they are are warm.
  2. In a smaller pan place your lids in water. Place this on low until you’re ready to use them.
  3. Prepare your pressure canner – place the rack at the bottom.
  4. When your mushrooms are ready fill your pint jars with the instructions above leaving a 1 inch head space.
  5. Add your lids and finger tighten the bands.
  6. Place your filled jars into the canner and pour in hot/boiling water around them until the canner has about 3 inches of water inside.
  7. Put your lid on and put the burner on medium-high heat. Have your lid at the venting position, until you start to see steam coming out of the lid. Let the steam come out of the vent for 10 minutes, Reduce your heat to medium then switch the dial to the 1 position (8 lbs). When steam starts coming out again start counting down your processing time of 45 minutes.
  8. When your processing time is over turn off your burner and let the canner naturally depressurize.
  9. Remove your cans from the canner and place them on a dry towel on the counter. Allow to cool and wait for those wonderful pops! After 12-24 hours check to see if the seals are good
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