Holiday Treats Your Pets Will be Begging You Put Under the Tree

friskies xmas package

friskies xmas package

Any time I head out to the kitchen and stand in one spot, I’m suddenly surrounded by furry four legged creatures. We’re not exactly sure how it happened, but over the last few years this specific spot has been dubbed the “treat spot” and they know if someone is standing there, they will get treats. Or, we’re pretty sure that’s what they’re telling themselves. Begging and singing us the “song of their people”, they know where we hide the treats and they know just the right heart strings to pull to get us to give them a treat.. or three.

While we’re busy wrapping presents for everyone else, we’ve already got their presents stashed high up on top of the refrigerator. There’s no amount of wrapping paper or even cardboard that would keep them from smelling and getting into the bags of the Friskies Party Mix Crunch or Beggin Strips. Purina sent these bags just for our little fur balls so they had their own treats for the holiday season.

Our cats absolutely love their treats, and we mix it up from wet food as a treat to hard treats. Since Godiva is getting older and only has a few teeth, the harder treats are easier for her to pick up and crunch during snack time. The Friskies Party Mix bag is filled with chicken liver and turkey flavored treats that are in fun holiday shapes – not that the cats care, they just gobble them up.

And the dogs – oh well, any time they think they’re getting away with getting human food especially bacon, they’re in heaven. The extra large bag of Beggin Strips is perfect since it’ll keep them happy and begging for more through the whole holiday season.

Both the Friskies Party Mix and Beggin Strips come in special holiday gift bags that have the name labels already on the bag – which makes gift giving that much easier. For us, we’re hiding them for a while or they will probably chew right through the bags of their holiday surprises!

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