aldi holiday haul offerings

Holiday Shopping with ALDI for under $50! #ALDILove #ALDIHaul

aldi holiday haul offerings
My holiday baking list and shopping list is often taller than I am. With a list of recipes, a list of gifts to buy and to wrap and every day dinners to plan. There are a lot of different things we balance, and thankfully we can stop by ALDI to get everything we need. This year, ALDI sent us a gift card to help us out with our holiday meals, shopping and more.

aldi holiday haul offeringsWe’ve been shopping at ALDI since I was a kid, so finding the ingredients for our holiday recipes was actually pretty easy. ALDI has always been our go-to store for getting everything we need for our meals for the week within our budget. Over the years ALDI has grown and added a lot of different options and ones we love!

aldi holiday haul offeringsIn the last couple of years ALDI has widely expanded their gluten free options with their liveGFree line that offers not only gluten free stuffing (just add water and butter), corn bread, and baked goods like cookies, cakes and even cheddar biscuits, too. The liveGFree products have not only taken the stress out of baking for gluten free meals, but makes it just as easy to prepare meals as it was before I had to change my diet twelve years ago!

aldi holiday haul offeringsI was pleasantly surprised this year to find not only whole chickens, ground meat and everything you need for your weekly meals, but also whole turkey, duck and ham for your holiday meal. They also had everything else we needed for what our guests would want from, potatoes, vegetables, salad fixings gluten-free stuffing and more. We could easily treat our family to a delicious meal and stay within our budget.

aldi holiday haul offeringsThis year, I was happy to see a great variety of serving options as well including slate display boards, serving dishes and even cookware to make sure you can find everything you need. If it’s your first time hosting, or you need to stock up your pantry for the long winter months, ALDI has everything you need within your budget and within your special diets as well.

aldi holiday haul offeringsWith our $50 budget, we not only got everything we needed for our holiday meal, but stocked up our fridge for the week as well. Probably my favorite finds this year were some of the reversible wrapping paper and labels. Our gifts are eye catching, and make a statement without breaking our budget. I’m probably heading back for more to stock up for next year! From gift options, toys and even wrapping paper and bows we were able to find everything we needed for our holiday gathering this year.

Find the ALDI location near to you and stretch your holiday budget even farther this year.

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