Holiday Movies You May Might Not Have Seen

alternative christmas movies

You might be sick of the same Christmas movies being played over and over again on TV. We all have our favorite movies, but sometimes you need to make sure you add something new to your playlist. No matter what the choice there are certain Christmas movies that have become classics and are a mainstay in most homes during the Christmas season.

Traditional Feature Films

It’s a Wonderful Life

The classic Frank Capra movie was a box office dud but now has become a classic that is watched large numbers of homes during the Christmas season. The story of a small town bank manager who is visited by an angel and is shown what life would be like if he were never born.

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A Miracle on 34th Street

The movie explores the existence of Santa Claus. The movie tells the story of Kris Kringle and his belief that he is indeed Santa Claus. The movie stars a young Natalie Wood. A more modern version of the movie was done in the late 90’s but was not as good as the original.

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A Christmas Carol

There have been a variety of movies made telling the classic Dicken’s tale about Scrooge and his Christmas Eve encounters with three ghosts. There is even a new animated version of the story for Christmas 2009. Everyone from George C. Scott to Scrooge McDuck has played the part of Ebenezer Scrooge.

One of the best versions of A Christmas Carol would be a television version produced by TNT with Patrick Stewart as the lead. The special effects are superb and the acting is incredible. This version is currently available on DVD.

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The Preacher’s Wife

The remake of the classic The Bishop’s Wife, tells the story of an angel who comes to help a minister remember the true meaning of Christmas. The movie stars Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston.

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Television movies

A Season for Miracles

A Hallmark Hall of Fame movie about an aunt her steals her niece and nephew from children’s services. While on the run their car breaks down in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and they are forced to take refuge in an abandoned house. This is truly a heartwarming modern Christmas classic.

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Honorable mention

A Dog named Christmas

The latest of the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and was released following Thanksgiving 2009. The movie tells the true story of a dog adoption program that sends a dog named Christmas to change the life of one family.

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The Christmas Wish

Neil Patrick Harris stars as a young man trying to fulfill his grandmother’s Christmas wish, she finds the name of a woman repeated in his grandfather’s journals. A woman his grandmother does not know. The wish sends the man on a quest that helps him discover more about himself and his grandfather.

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