Holiday Movies for Guys

Holiday Movies for the Guys

The Ref
Tired of all the usual Christmas movies you’ve seen a hundred times? Yeah, so was I until I decided to pull together some of the better ones that I wanted to see. Singing Dogs and Claymation didn’t make the cut, though some old standby’s did. The movie had to at least have a Christmas scene in it before it made the list.
The list of Holiday Movies for the Guys:

  • Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Watching Harry and Marv get smacked, feathers and set on fire leave me with tears in my eyes from laughter. They both take place on a Christmas Holiday vacation that leaves a trouble maker alone to defend his turf. And he isn’t even in high school yet.
  • Die Hard and Die Hard 2: Die Harder – Christmas trees, guys with guns, explosions, carols, and the FBI. While this may not be one of the little kiddies, there is something in it for just about everyone. If you want to watch the third one, It’s not on the list, but I won’t tell. After that, I am not that much of a fan. YMMV.
  • Lethal Weapon – Cops, bad guys, holiday decorations, a gun fight in a tree yard and an “albino jackrabbit”. The three movies others may not have anything to do with the holiday, but they are still entertaining.
  • The Harry Potter Series – I could never get all the way through the books. I would rather watch the movies. They are well done and they all have a few scenes that deal with the holidays. A little wizardly fun the whole family can enjoy. Not to mention they don’t have the holiday music that starts playing the day after Thanksgiving.
  • The Ref – Holidays are about getting together with the family at least once a year. Like most, the family in this comedy could be a little more functional. Dennis Leary delivers a good performance opposite Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis. This is one of the most overlooked films from 1994. It might be old, but it could have been shot today. Hit up your local video hut for a copy. Laughs, and maybe some tears, will ensue shortly after the film starts.
  • Batman and Batman Returns – Holidays, Tim Burton and Batman, always be Batman. In my estimation, until the restart, these were the only decent Batman flicks that were made. Sure, the others had some good points, not really. Both of these films have holiday themes and a dark edge that we have come to know and love from Burton.
  • A Christmas Story – Roll your eyes if you want to, but the kid will shoot his eye out if you watch or not. Might as well give it a whirl, if for no other reasons than for the frost pole he gets stuck to and all the Fa-Ra-Ra’s you have been missing.
  • Elf – Will Farrell doing what he does in these roles. The whole family can watch him lose his mind when he finds out Santa will be in town. It’s a good father and son movie with some just plain weirdness. Don’t worry, the Claymation is only for a few moments, you’ll make it, I swear.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life – What is it that you want? You want the moon? Well, tough. Cold hearted money grubber, a man wanting to throw it all away, being able to see what the world would be like if he was never born, redemption, money not grubbed, and charity. I need a rest after that whirlwind.
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Just the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Gene Kelly tap danced with Danny Kay. Just make sure not to light a match near the sewer and keep an eye on the cat. If you do not laugh during this one, you might need a doctor.
  • Scrooged – One of the better renditions of this classic by Dickens. Sure, he may be spinning in his grace each time this airs, but Bill Murry, ghostly visits and door mice with antlers stapled to their heads. What’s not to love?
  • Edward Scissorhands – Again with this Burton guy? Yep, and Johnny Depp too. The holidays are near the end, but this Pinocchio do-over is worth the watch. I mean, he has scissors for hands. What’s not to love?
  • Enemy of the State – A guy wants to get a little something for the wife and then there’s a conspiracy with corrupt government officials, mobsters, murder, spy tech everywhere, Will Smith, Jon Voight and Gene Hackman. There is even a little Jack Black and Jaime Kennedy thrown in for the heck of it.
  • Grumpy Old Men – The original Odd Couple take their competition for a woman that just moved in next door a little too far. Hilarity ensues. Burgess Meredith keeps the laughs going, even though the credits. A good father and son movie. Some dialogue may not be for little ears, but who knows, might go right over their heads.
  • The Matador – If you have not seen this one, I would highly suggest it. There is a line that made someone I was watching it do a spit take. It has Pierce Brosnen in a role that is basically the opposite of James Bond to the Nth degree. Oh, and Greg Kinnear in there too. Important plot points revolve around a fireside chat with a Christmas tree in the room. Even if it is not a holiday when you pull this one up, it’s worth the watch.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, spies, people after them, betrayal, and a gun fight that leaves the house in shambles just in time for Christmas. You think you know a girl, you marry her, then she tries to kill you. I tell ya.
  • Serendipity – Okay, mainly a sappy one, but if the wife/girlfriend or whatever is willing to sit through any of these with you, you might have to watch a chick flick. At least it has that Underworld chic in it and you might even find yourself wishing you could be a donkey too. (what do you want? I was told to keep this PG).
  • Muppet Christmas Carol – Any guy that does not like the Muppets is just plain weird. This is one that you can watch with the kids and the wife will think you’re sweet for watching a kiddie movie with them. Little does she know this is the best version of the classic or a Muppet movie. Ever. It even has a Blue Furry Charles Dickens that hangs around with a Rat named Rizzo. Where else you going to find that?

Some movies that I will be watching this holiday season did not make the cut, sadly. Lord of the Rings, Bourne and Fight Club didn’t even have a caroler in the background, but that’s why we love watching them.

Until next time, have a good and safe holiday, watch plenty of movies, do NOT think about that four letter word that starts with “W” (Work), and let me know if there are any that I might have missed.

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  1. I love a lot of these movies 🙂 lol
    That’s awesome Jason put together this list though, I never know what movies my brothers would like.

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