cafe valley bakery dr pepper cake review

Holiday Desserts Made Easy with Cafe Valley Bakery

cafe valley bakery dr pepper cake review

When you’re planning your holiday meal, you have to worry about the main course, sides and of course dessert. But let’s face it, not everyone is a baker. I love to bake, but there are times I run out of time at the holidays. So when I’m short on time, I do like everyone else does and buy a delicious dessert that my guests will love. This year, our guests will get a special treat since we were sent a Dr. Pepper cake from Cafe Valley Bakery.

cafe valley bakery dr pepper cake reviewFor years we’ve heard about cakes made with different pops, but have never made them at home. Dr. Pepper is a household favorite, and we were thrilled to try the ring cake. The ring cake is 10 inches and is a twist of white cake with the cake that has Dr. Pepper basked in as well. It is coated in ribbons of icing to finish it off.

cafe valley bakery dr pepper cake reviewOur cake came on dry ice, and we popped it into the freezer until we were ready to enjoy it. Since the cake was frozen well, it had to thaw for a few hours but that is all we needed to do to enjoy the cake. Then the next step was as easy as cutting and serving. Every slice you can see the different layers of flavor and was full of moist cake that tasted fresh and full of flavor.

The Dr. Pepper cake not only looks amazing, but tastes fantastic as well. It’s moist, fresh and delicious. It was a great treat to have after a meal and takes some of the stress out of meal prep when you know you have the perfect dessert waiting already. Be sure to check out Cafe Valley Bakery for other great cake flavors. November 26th is National Cake Day and it’s the perfect way for you to take some of the stress out of your holiday hosting obligations.

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