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soufeel holiday charms review

soufeel holiday charms reviewI don’t know of a girl who wouldn’t like to find something a little shiny under the tree. Behind every jewelry gift comes a story, from the heart and with the wearer in mind. With the rise of charm bracelets, Soufeel Jewelry brings more options to the market and adorable holiday charms to help accessories (or even start) her own charm bracelet.

soufeel holiday charms reviewA few months ago we checked out Soufeel Jewelry and their fabulous sterling silver bracelets and charms. Soufeel asked if we wanted to check out their new holiday charms and add to our collection. For our review we were sent a 20 cm silver bracelet, a Christmas Penguin charm, the Heart Gloves charm, a Santa is Coming charm, a Flying Snowflake charm, and a Christmas stocking charm. Each detailed out of sterling silver and full of detail even at their small size. All of the charms and bracelet come in a well wrapped package package with a gift box and a bag included.  I always love the presentation of their boxes before even opening them, it gives you the feeling that you went to a fancy jewelry store but without the hassle.

soufeel holiday charms reviewOnce you open the box all of the charms are individually wrapped in their own bag, and the bracelet had special spacers so it wouldn’t get scuffed along the way. The bags make it great for shipping, but you may want remove them from their bags and place them on the bracelet for that “wow” you were looking for.

soufeel holiday charms reviewEvery time I opened one of the bags and removed another charm I took a little time to look it over. Each is only around 1/2 inch big or smaller and so full of detail. The silver details shine and you can the love for the holidays in each piece. I laid them out on the polishing cloth (included in the box) and was just amazed at how beautiful each piece was. The charms all slid on the bracelet easily band transformed into a custom holiday piece.

Soufeel Charm Bracelet ReviewOne of my favorite things about the Soufeel charms is they fit not only on the charm bracelet they sent me, but they can be mixed and matched with Pandora or Chamilia charms and beads I already have. The silver bracelet always matches my style and outfit, and I can easily change out charms for my mood or to perfectly accent the occasion. And the one hand closure system on the Soufeel bracelet make it easy to get the charms on and secure them without needing someone to help me out.

Soufeel has a large selection of holiday charms in all metal tones starting as low as $9.99! I haven’t been disappointed in any of the charms quality or the bracelets they’ve sent, and right now their 90% off sale is almost too tempting!
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