Hold Your Camera with Confidence with a SpiderPro Hand Strap

SpiderPro Hand Strap Review

 SpiderPro Hand Strap ReviewOur love of photography has taken us to some pretty odd places, and some that are absolutely fantastic. But there are times that getting the perfect shot is hard to do with the strap that came with my camera, or puts my gear in jeopardy. I’m not willing to risk my life for a shot, or my camera when it comes to certain situations and I’ve always wanted a better way to hold onto my camera for these shoots. Spider Holster sent me one of their SpiderPro Hand Straps to try out and see if it would work for my shooting needs.

SpiderPro Hand Strap ReviewThe SpiderPro Hand Strap is a universal strap you can use on virtually any camera set up. From a point and shoot model to an expensive DSLR, it fits any camera with the addition of a pin and screwing into your tripod mount. You can use the SpiderPro with a tripod plate or without (you must provide your own), but it doesn’t do anything other than change the layout of how you’re handing your camera.

SpiderPro Hand Strap ReviewInstalling the hand strap was easy and they even included an Alan wrench to get the job done quickly. The SpiderPro is set up to be on the left side of the camera so it wont interfere with your battery door, your card slot or any of your controls. You will have the same access to everything on your camera that you would have with your regular camera strap. The strap is left handed, which is primarily your hand for holding the camera while the right hand controls your settings.

SpiderPro Hand Strap ReviewThe strong leather strap will make sure you have a good grip on your camera, and allows you to hold it at a comfortable 45 degree angle. The memory foam interior makes the strap extremely comfortable for long shoots. And overall the SpiderPro gives me the confidence that I have a good grip on my camera and gear when I go out and shoot at different locations. There are still some that I wouldn’t be willing to take the risk of my gear for, but at least I know I have a good hold on my camera while I shoot.


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