Hills Ideal Balance Grain Free Cat Food Online at Mr. Chewy

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Hills Ideal Balance Grain Free

In our house canned food for the cats is always a treat. I know Godiva loves it, but she’s on a dry food diet. Canned food is one of the best ways for your cat to get the nutrients they need. But let’s face it – it’s expensive, and not always in the budget.

Hills Ideal Balance Grain Free

A couple years ago I told you about Mr. Chewy, and how you can order the food, treats and more online. They sent Godiva some new food to test out – Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free Roasted Chicken canned food. It’s not a brand she’s use to eating, but she loves chicken and seafood so we thought we’d give it a try!

Hills Ideal Balance Grain Free

Godiva is a bit picky on her canned food, so when I put the plate with the Ideal Balance food she sniffed it. I’ll be honest, she sniffed it and walked away. I think she’s a bit of a canned food snob. She did clear the plate throughout the day, but she didn’t gobble it up like she usually does. But isn’t that how it goes with cats? So we gave most of the cans to her cousin Mia – who actually enjoyed it quickly!

While the Hills Ideal Balance wasn’t the biggest win with Godiva, I like that I can order other foods and flavors that I know she enjoys quickly and easily online at Mr. Chewy! I could even set it up so her favorite food comes to the house every month at a cheaper price than I would find at the grocery store.

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