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Here’s to a New Year! 

CookiesThe new year is here! It’s time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Or, if you’re like me, it’s just another day of the year. We didn’t go out and party like we use to for the New Year, or even do our traditional take out dinner. Instead we stayed in, in warm jammies and had homemade french toast for dinner. Super exciting right? I know, it’s not idyllic but, it works for us. And we’re having a slow start of the year here as well – as we should since we’re both on vacation.

But for most people, New Years is the time to make those pesky resolutions. I already made a post about those a couple days back – resolutions aren’t for me. Instead I make goals, lists and stick to them. I also already shared our main goal for 2014 – living more from scratch. I have one recipe going now, and will be refilling our homemade onion soup mixes later from what I dehydrated earlier this week. Lunch in is the oven, and despite it being late in the day I think we’re off to a good start.

What about other goals? Healthy eating is always a good goal – especially the more you read about what ends up in your food (if you can it that) from the store. Healthy eating will lead to overall better health for us, but our family as it continues to grow over the years.

I have some other broad goals this year too – I wont set exact numbers or dates since that will doom them to fail, but these are things I’d love to see done in the next year. Some may be obtainable, others – may be a battle!

  • Finding a new place to live: This has been a struggle for us the last few years. With an older house that we’ve out-grown, that is falling apart and with terrible neighbors we need to make this move soon. Ideally with a huge kitchen – but I’d be happy with one slightly bigger than my current one and a dishwasher 😉
  • Do Yoga More! I miss doing yoga, and it makes me feel better in so many ways. This is an easy one and can be done easily.
  • Schedule more – Stress less: Let’s try not to over commit, but stick to what we can handle and stop agreeing to doing so much if it doesn’t fit in my time commitment.
  • Attend at least three conferences this year – This is happening. I’ve got at least two on the books already, but need a good third to round it off.
  • Grow my businesses and blog – Well, this will take work. The blog part is growing daily, and continues to. You will see some fun things coming soon! But I need to put equal focus on my two business and let them flourish so all can be successful.
  • Lose weight – I started out great with Shaklee last year, but my system didn’t seem to like it. I think the healthier eating will help with this too, even if we don’t have a lot of junk in the house already. Yes, this will be easier once the last few cupcakes are gone and I’m done with holiday cookies!
  • Work on my health – Overall I’m healthy, the doctor even says so. But there are things like allergies that constantly kick me down. I have a horrible case of tinnitus that currently is making it so I can’t hear out of one ear. There has to be a natural way to knock that off!
  • Be more organized – Now, it depends on where you know me from, I may seem like an uber organized person, or I may seem a complete mess. I think I have OCD but only in certain areas of my life and others it’s complete ADD. But I’m working on implementing systems to make the OCD organization side take over the rest and clean up a few messes.
  • Travel More – I don’t care who you are, this should always be on your list. I’m on the go a lot, and always will be. I’m a rolling stone and I love to explore.

So what are your goals for this new year? Would you add anything to this list? Do you make resolutions? Let me hear what your goals are for 2014!

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