Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

Helpful Turkey Making Tips from the Butterball Hotline

Thanksgiving Turkey Tips
It doesn’t matter if it’s your first year making the Thanksgiving feast or your 30th – the day of you may run into some issues you didn’t anticipate. You family is on the road, and will be to your house at any moment – where do you turn? For the last 30 years Butterball Turkey has offered a holiday tip hotline that you can call in and get the assistance you need. The Turkey Help Hotline runs from the first Monday in November until December 24th – and yes, they even have hours on Thanksgiving day!

I was able to talk with Sue Smith, a 16 year veteran of the Turkey Hotline this morning and was able to get get some great helpful hints for our upcoming holiday meals! Butterball has a lot of great ways to help you prepare this holiday season including their Turkey Talk line, recipes online, recipe swaps and a fun Throw Back Thanksgiving promotion. The Throw Back Thanksgiving promotion has a grand prize of a $1000 Visa card. Find out more on the Throw Back Thanksgiving website.

You can check out all of Sue’s tips in the video below:

Don’t forget the Three T’s when you’re cooking your holiday feast!

  • Thaw – Make sure your turkey is completely defrosted. It takes 1 day for ever 4 lbs to thaw in your refrigerator breast up. If that’s not fast enough you can soak it in cold water – 30 minutes per pound, breast side down in cold water in the sink.
  • Thermometer – Make sure your Turkey is the right temperature before serving it. Your thigh meat should be 180 degrees, breast meat 170 and stuffing 165 degrees.
  • Tent – About 2/3rd of the way cooking your bird create a foil tent and cover the breast. This will prevent burning and help crisp the skin.

If you need help with your Turkey this year – don’t worry! Call Butterball at 1-800-Butterball (800-288-8372), you can reach live chat on their website and even reach out on Facebook and Twitter!

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