Help Your Toddlers Learn Emotions with Whatsitsface

Whats its face review

For young kids, a lot of learning comes from what they see around them. They may not be able to express their emotions just yet in words, but it comes out in their actions and especially in their face. This year, kids get a chance to express how they feel, and to learn to show their emotions with an all new toy Whatsitface.

Whats its face review

Each Whatsitsface plush is modeled after a fun animal that kids love. From a kitten to a puppy and a bear. All covered in a soft plush material they are great to squeeze and cuddle with. But due to mechanics inside, Whatitsface plushes feel quite heavy (although they say they’re only over a pound!) and actually have harder spots on their bodies. This might make it a bit harder to snuggle.

So what exactly is a Whatsitsface? They’re plush toys for younger kids that actually have six faces included on each one! Using the easy to grab start on top you can rotate the face the plush has. This makes it easier to explain emotions to younger kids and for them to tell you how they’re feeling if they may not know how to verbalize it yet. It also means more range for imaginative play for kids as they play with their new toy. Their plush can change it’s emotion by flipping the face or twist to knob to change between, happy, sad, surprised, angry, laughing and sound asleep.

Whats its face review

One of the best things about Whatsitsface is there are no batteries or any technology required to make it work. That means your kids can play with it for hours without it needing to be charged. The friendly face and soft plush make Whatsitsface a huge win for kids this year, and for parents too as it can help you communicate better through play.


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