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zootopia game facebookIf you weren’t lucky enough to catch Zootopia in theaters, the wait for the at home release is almost over. You’ll be able to take home all of your favorite characters next week on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital HD. The wait for this release has been hard, especially on young kids who loved the movie – but this week on Facebook there’s a fun new feature to help hold you over until you can watch the movie! Zootopia’s facebook page has been taken over by Officer Judy Hopps and now you can get in on her crime fighting action. Sign on with your kids and see if you can help her crack the next case to keep Zootopia crime free!

Judy Takes Over Facebook Messenger And Seeks  Your Help to Crack Her Next Case, June 1-8, 2016

Rookie Rabbit Officer Judy Hopps is commandeering Facebook Messenger and seeking your help to solve the Zootopia Police Department’s hottest new case. Volunteers are invited to visit the Zootopia Facebook page and click on the Message icon, where they can chat with Judy directly and follow a series of clues to help solve the mystery. This live chat was built through a partnership with imperson, which creates premium conversational bots called Chat Personas that converse in natural language and can be tailored with distinct yet authentic personalities—in this case, the eternally optimistic and determined Judy Hopps.

Pick up Zootopia on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital HD on June 7th, but until then – hop on Facebook and try your hand at solving a new crime!


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