Heartland Table: Food Network’s Show Brings Midwestern Cooking to Your Home

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Heartland Table Amy Thielen

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m usually in front of my computer working. That also means that my TV is tuned into cooking shows. As much as I enjoy watching cooking shows and looking at new ways to prepare our favorite food, some seem disconnected from our way of living or even what we’re use to.

This weekend Food Network will be premiering a new season of Heartland Table, a show filmed not only in the Midwest but brings local flavor and recipes to life. Chef Amy Thielen was raised in Minnesota, but spent much of her professional career as a chef in New York City. Starting a family made Thielen reconsider her career path, and brought her full circle back to Minnesota.

The transition from professional chef to a TV personality wasn’t her initial goal. When Thielen became pregnant with her son she didn’t envision a cooking life that would include a child, the long hours in a restaurant weren’t ideal. Amy began a blog and wrote for local newspapers for a while. It was during this time she found her voice, and returning to Minnesota was a homecoming. Once she found her voice as a writer she wrote her cookbook and it exploded from there.

Besides cooking up delicious recipes, Thielen also can relate to living in the Midwest and what all of us could agree is one of the longest and coldest winters in our history. She enjoys the dailiness and slowness of the winter, but did mention that “It’s been pretty much an inside day for the past six months.” A sentiment that we can all agree with.

The transition from a Chef in New York City to filming a TV show from her log cabin in Minnesota has meant some changes for the whole family. While filming the house becomes a set, and they rent out a neighboring cabin so the set doesn’t become messed up. Between filming Thielen still has a full time job as a Mom to a six year old picky eater. When asked how he handles the more fancy meals she prepares, her solution is simple – make him something else that his palate likes.

From home gardening, to canning, easy to prepare meals and even great ideas for venison Heartland Table showcases the flavors and feelings of many Midwestern homes. I’m excited to catch the new series on Food Network and can’t wait to try some of Thielen’s recipes!

Heartland Table’s New Season will premier on Saturday March 8th at 10:30 ET/PT.


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