Healbe Brings The Most Complete Tracking Band to Your Healthy Lifestyle

healbe gobe 2 band

Not all activity bands are made the same, and some just track your steps as you go. But what if you could have an activity band that not only tracked those steps but also the calories that go in without you having to manually track them as well? HealBe has created the GoBe2, a band that will help keep you on track with your health, but make it more effortless so you can concentrate on your life and health.

healbe gobe 2 band

The GoBe2  tracks so much including automatic calorie intake tracking, body hydration, emotions and stress levels, energy balance, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate tracking, and steps and distance. It does this by tracking insulin triggers in your cells and sending high and low frequency signals to determine your fluid volume in your cells. It is a high tech way of monitoring all of the things happening in your body just by wearing a simple arm band.

healbe gobe 2 band

Since the GoBe2 band is not just a fancy pedometer the band overall is larger than other fitness trackers. The front face is larger and still has a digital read out that shows you the steps, battery power and other information as you wear it, but only when you push the button to show it. With an easy closure on the back you can remove and replace the GoBe2 band whenever you want, and pop it on the enclosed charger.

The size overall may be the only negative thing over all we have to say about the GoBe2 band. It is hard to coordinate with certain outfits, and does need to be removed to be charged. But the overall amount of items it tracks and easy of use makes it our new favorite activity band. It makes being healthier easier with tracking for us rather than making it a chore like other bands and apps do.

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