chicago skyline

Heading back to the D

Chicago Skyline
I know I haven’t been on a lot – well I have but in the background. I will be back to posting because I’m simply too busy. I’m still in Chicago as I type this, staying at Suburban Coupon Mom’s house. We have had a weekend full of networking, then went to a beauty event.
So tomorrow I hit the road again. Hoping that I will not get stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam like I did on the way into town. It’s a long drive but should be fast with a fully charged iPod.

When I get back, look for some great new things coming your way. I can’t promise I wont be toast on a stick tomorrow. Actually, I probably could promise I WILL be toast on a stick. But I hope to get some great things going on Tuesday for you. I’m also investigating what’s going on with my Twitter feeds and a few other issues.

By the way – check out a very tasty friend we met today at the event. 240sweet makes some great fresh marshmallows and other goodies.. I’m not kidding – check her out. What delicious treats and goodies!

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