Head Under the Streets of Cheesebridge – The Boxtrolls is Available Everywhere!

Boxtrolls on Blu-Ray
Boxtrolls Review
What happens when a little boy is raised by trolls that live under the city and wear boxes?! You get the Boxtrolls! Available everywhere today from Universal Studios, we were sent an advanced copy to review – and we absolutely loved the movie. We weren’t able to see The Boxtrolls in theaters while it was there – but a mixture of steam punk and fun, this stop animation movie is quickly going to become a favorite in our house.

Made by the same crew as Coraline and Paranoman, The Boxtrolls takes you on an adventure under the streets of Cheesebridge, to a cavern where trolls where boxes, and where they’re raising a human boy named “Eggs”. Eggs was found in the cavern as a baby and the Boxtrolls have decided to raise him as one of their own – Box and all! While living down below, Eggs finds out that the the villain of Cheesebridge is plotting to remove the Boxtrolls and everything below in the caverns. He’s sent on a mission to save the Boxtrolls and his way of life!

The Boxtrolls has a total run time of 97 minutes and includes the feature film and bonus features including:

  • Dare to be Square: Behind the Scenes of The Boxtrolls
  • 5 Featurettes that Take you Inside the Magical World World of the Boxtrolls
  • Feature Commentary with Directors Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi
  • Blu-Ray Exclusive – Preliminary Animatic Sequences

Besides some pretty fantastic graphics created with the stop motion animation, the story is unique and a lot of fun. It’s a movie that the youngest of kids will enjoy watching with you. The Boxtrolls also has huge names behind the characters including Ella Fanning, Tracy Morgan, Toni Collette, Ben Kingsley and Nick Frost. A fun movie for the family or the kids, The Boxtrolls are available everywhere today on all formats.


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