Head to the Ball with Your Favorite Princess in Regal Academy: The Grand Ball

Royal Academy The Grand Ball

Royal Academy The Grand Ball

Princesses are more than just in the movies, they have to go to school too. And in SkipRope’s new series Regal Academy we get to see some of our favorite princesses at school before their fairy tales happen. And in the newest DVD release – The Grand Ball, they attend their first ball on campus including a karaoke portion for them have fun.

What we love about Regal Academy – it’s a fun blend of fairy tale characters we know and love with problems that kids may deal with now. It’s for kids aged 6-11 and makes it relate-able for kids and put in a fun setting and episodes. Regal Academy: The Grand Ball is available everywhere on DVD and has a run time of approximately 80 minutes.

About Regal Academy: The Grand Ball: 

Public Media Distribution, LLC. announced it is releasing the new DVD “REGAL ACADEMY: THE GRAND BALL.” Kids aged 6-11 will have a blast with Rose Cinderella and Friends at Regal Academy’s first big Ball on campus. The DVD also includes a karaoke bonus track of “This is the Moment” from the “Grand Ball” episode of the Nickelodeon series.

The episodes on this DVD include:

  • “The Grand Ball” It’s time for the first big Ball on campus, and that means big dresses, big dancing and big dates. Rose ends up going with Hattie, the awkward grandson of the Mad Hatter, but Joy has only eyes for Esquire Frog. Esquire’s frog curse is so strong, no one has ever broken it, so Joy and Rose cook up a plan to kiss him at midnight with special curse-breaking lipstick. Vicky has her own plans for a fun night, inviting the evil Candlewick from Pinocchio to turn everyone at the Ball into donkeys!
  • “Swan Dancing with the Stars” Headmistress Cinderella is holding a dance competition at her castle, and both Astoria and Odette — the granddaughter of the Swan Princess — are determined to win. But Vicky sabotages the dance with the help of Rothbart, the evil wizard from Swan Lake. Can Rose help everyone dance to victory?
  • “Song of the Sea Witch” Rose wants to learn to sing, because all of the great fairy tale princesses could sing. Things get tricky when the Sea Witch steals Rose’s voice! Rose has to sing in front of the whole school, as Hawk and the others fight to get her voice back in time for her debut!


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