haven sunglasses review

Haven Sunglasses Protect Your Eyes While Wearing Your Glasses

haven sunglasses reviewThere’s no denying that we’re in the age of geek chic and great options for glasses. For once, people are proud to wear glasses and often have several different pairs to change their style. I’ve had glasses since second grade, so this for me, is huge. I have several pairs of glasses that I can switch out when I need a change of pace or style – all are unique and funky just like my style.

Since I love wearing my glasses, the problem I’ve always had was bright summer days. Don’t get me wrong – I love them as much as anyone else. But I’m not a huge fan clip on shades or tinted lenses. Yes, I could just wear my contacts in the summer but with my allergies that’s not always an option. So I was thrilled when Haven reached out to see if I wanted to try out a pair of their Fit Over Sunglasses.

haven sunglasses reviewI selected the Breckenridge Tortoise Sunglasses which fit over larger frames of glasses since mine frames tend to vary in a range of sizes. The Haven sunglasses slide over my current frame and rest easily on my ears. I half expected the ear pieces to conflict with the ones on my glasses, instead, they are light weight and rest easily. Since the Haven sunglasses actually fit over your current glasses, they are bigger that I initially expected. When I wear my smaller frames I can see the two lines from the bottom of my glasses and the sun glasses.

Since the Haven Sunglasses arrived they’ve been happily riding in my purse with me wherever I go. For really sunny days, they’re great for grabbing and taking with me. I love the flexibility they offer me while not conflicting with my glasses. And the Breckenridge sun glasses even offer small lenses on the side so the larger frame size doesn’t interfere with peripheral vision. Compared to buying prescription sun glasses or lens clip ons, the Haven sunglasses fit perfect with my style and what I had needed.

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