Have The Cutest Movie Night in the Universe With these Grogu Themed Popcorn Buckets

Grogu Movie Buckets review

Family movie night has always been popular, but over the last couple years, it may be taking the place of game nights. With large outdoor movie screens set up in backyards, to themed rooms and even special movie night bowls and more. As the weather gets a little cooler and people move inside for family movie nights – we think there will be even more movie nights planned and memories made watching their favorite shows come to life. And thanks to our friends at Zak, you can have your own fun movie night now with these great Mandalorian popcorn buckets – that all of your friends are going to want for themselves.

The Mandalorian set comes with 5 buckets with the adorable Grogu, or The Child on them. Each bucket has a different face that Grogu made throughout the movie so everyone can choose their own. The only thing we wish we saw was one with the frog on it as well. The largest bucket – which is perfect for a large batch of popcorn is 140 oz, and the smaller ones are 40 oz each. All made from BPA free plastic, they’re perfect for your movie snacks and light enough for kids to carry to the living room as you get the movie set up.

We love that the buckets have fun characters on them, but were pleasantly surprised that on the back are lines from the movie. Not only can you choose your favorite version of Grogu, but you can choose your favorite quote when grabbing your own popcorn bucket. They’re the perfect size for one, and to make your favorite popcorn mixed with candy to share if you want to.

Not only can you find these great Mandalorian popcorn bucket sets from Zak, but they also make Luca, Mickey & Minnie, Marvel, and Paw Patrol sets. They are perfect for your next movie night with your friends or family. When you are planning your next movie night, be sure to have everything ready and grab your favorite popcorn bucket set ahead of time. They’re just too cute and fans are going to eat them up.


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