unicorn farts review

Have Magic in Every Glass with this Hilarious Unicorn Mug

unicorn farts review

Don’t deny it – every glass of coffee is a bit magical. It’s a caffeine filled goodness that comes from those magical beans every morning (or night depending on your schedule). But our daily joe always tastes a bit better when we have it in a fun mug. I have a continually growing coffee mug collection – they’re fun and funky, and some can just change your entire mood.

unicorn farts reviewWe all know someone who is a little goofy – and loves funny mugs. The bulk of my collection isn’t quite weird, but there are times that there is a mug that is too good to pass up. BigMouth Inc sent me their Unicorn Farts mug, that not only houses your magical coffee but all of the magic that unicorns can bring you – and a few laughs.

unicorn farts reviewBesides the laughs the Unicorn Farts mug brings us, I absolutely love the size of the mug. You can hold a full 20 oz of your favorite coffee, tee or whatever you morning starter is in this mug. The rainbow handle does make it a little hard to hold, but coming directly from the mug it is perfectly placed. With a fun unicorn, a saying that will bring a smile to your face (and anyone who notices it), this mug is the perfect addition to any mug collection, or the perfect gift for that goofy someone on your list.


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