Have an Enchanted Holiday with Airwick #Christmascountdown

airwick holiday scents
airwick holiday candles review
There are so many scents associated with the holidays, from warm baked cookies, pines and even a roaring fire. This holiday season Airwick has packaged some of those favorite scents into their great scented candles for you to enjoy throughout your home whenever you want.

airwick holiday candles review

The Airwick Enchanted Holiday collection includes frosted cupcakes, gingerbread and several others. They sent me the Evergreen Adventure candle to try out, and even just lit the house filled with a pleasant sent of fresh cut pines.

Each scent in the Enchanted Holiday collection brings just a bit of the holiday season to your home, while helping remove odors in your home. I try my best to keep my house and kitchen odor free. However, as we all know some meals just are prone to odor no matter what you’re making. Just lighting the candle helped reduce the smell in the kitchen and we could smell the beautiful pine scent throughout the house shortly after.

I love the scent of the Evergreen Adventures candle and how it reminds me of the holiday season. But more than the scent, I love the look of the candles, with the slightly frost glass and the silver lid that seals, it fits in every decor. The inner seal keeps the scent fresh and ready for when you want a touch of the holidays. Just light it and breathe in your favorite scent.

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