Hard Boiled Eggs – 7 Different Ways to Use Them

ways to use hard boiled eggs

ways to use hard boiled eggs

There is an Easter Tradition of making hard boiled eggs. It’s usually this time of year the eggs fly off the shelves at the grocery store as everyone buys carton after carton to decorate with their family. But after the color has set, you are left with a pile of eggs to use and most people don’t know what to do with them. Hard boiled eggs should always been stored in your fridge if you plan on consuming them, and let’s face it – they’re food – why wouldn’t you? And if kept properly chilled are good for a week after you boil them. If you prepare the eggs for your family egg hunt or table display – what can you do with them after the fact? We have some ideas you can use!

Here are seven ways to use hard-boiled eggs while still safe to eat.

  • Deviled eggs – Obviously one way to use hard-boiled eggs is to make deviled eggs. Half the work is already done for you; you simply have to peel the eggs, slice them and then add the remaining ingredients. Depending upon how well your family enjoys deviled eggs, this could use up quite a few of your child’s Easter eggs.
  • Egg salad – Another obvious choice for using hard-boiled eggs is to make egg salad. Rather than making plain egg salad, add capers and olives. This can be used with deviled eggs or as a topper for your favorite greens.
  • Scotch eggs – Wrap your hard-boiled eggs in sausage (turkey sausage is an option if you’re trying to cut calories), roll them in seasoned breading and then deep fry them. They can be served at room temperature or warm. These are often served for breakfast or brunch.
  • Homemade Thousand Island dressing – Finely diced, the hard-boiled eggs can be added to your favorite Thousand Island dressing. The dressing can then be used to top a tossed salad or as a dressing for sandwiches.
  • Chicken Salad – There are so many different recipes for chicken salad. Take a look in your cookbooks or on the internet to try something new. Adding chopped eggs will provide extra protein and flavor.
  • Pickled eggs – This is one other way to use whole boiled eggs. Make a solution of salt, spices, seasonings and vinegar. Bring the solution to a boil, allowing it to simmer for five minutes, and then pour it over the peeled eggs. Allow the eggs to remain in the solution for a day or two before serving. These can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, if your family doesn’t eat them all before then.
  • Soup garnish – Boiled eggs make a great garnish for hearty soups. Imagine having gazpacho or black bean soup and then adding the chopped eggs. This will provide protein for vegetable soup as well as contrasting texture.


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