Hanna Andersson Brings Peanuts to Life in Adorable Bags and Clothing

Hanna Andersen Peanuts Backpack

Hanna Andersen Peanuts BackpackWhen the kids are little, it’s always fun to dress them in adorable outfits. But as they get just a bit older, they want to choose their own outfits and show their personality – but some of the best outfits are the ones that have their favorite characters on them. We were sent a gift card to choose some of the adorable Peanuts outfits and accessories on Hanna Andersson’s website – and they couldn’t get any cuter (actually most are on sale right now so they may have gotten cuter!)

Hanna Andersen Peanuts BackpackBecause our little reviewers are so close in age, we actually got them two of the Hanna Andersson Peanuts Backpacks to use when they go to day care. This way they each had their own bag and there would be no squabbling over the cute bags. While the bags look large in their little hands, the bags are actually about half the size of a regular backpack that an adult would wear. But with a quality zipper and even Snoopy pulls the bag is sturdy and will last them through a lot of abuse that kids will put them through.

Hanna Andersen Peanuts BackpackI’m a huge fan of Peanuts products, and these Hanna backpacks are adorable. Both Charlie Brown and Snoopy are embroidered onto the bag and stand proudly on hte simple striped background. The kids absolutely love the bags and so do we.

All of the Peanuts designs from Hanna Andersson are simple stripes or solid colors and have your favorite characters on them. Not only will your kids love them, but you will love how adorable they look on them. Keep in mind that since so many of these designs are on sale, they don’t have every size your little one needs. The sizes seem to focus on smaller babies up to a 3T. But you will find some that are absolutely irresistible for the little ones in your life.


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