Hang it Right the First Time with Go Hang It

Go Hang It Review

We’ve all been there, in a new house or space and have piles of artwork that need to get up on the walls. From finding the right spot to put everything to the equipment to do it can be overwhelming. And sometimes, let’s face it, it’s easier to just keep pushing it off as long as you can. But what if one tool can help you get things done easier, and right, the first time?

We were sent a Go Hang It picture hanging system and while the system is small – it packs in a lot of tools and hardware in it’s small case. With a built in level, the Go Hang It also offers you two magnetic keys that can help you find where your nails should be placed as well as nails and wire to help get the job done.

Go Hang It Review

The back of the Go Hang It Pro is packed with useful parts but our favorites have to be the magnetic keys. Simply slide them into the hooks on the back of your picture and you can easily mark where the nails need to go to hold any frame or picture. The level is small and pops off, so it can sit on top of your frame while you hang the picture – make it so your picture is not crooked but also you only have to put the nails in once. No more swiss cheese holes all over the walls in your home!

Go Hang It Review

With everything bundled inside the Go Hang It kit, you really only need to bring a hammer or screwdriver with you to hang the art in your home. It quickly will become one of your go to tools – just remember to refill the nails and hooks in the back if you use them all. But with an affordable price point, the Go Hang It Pro will be a great addition to your tool box. Plus, you never have to worry about having crooked pictures again.


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