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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker Review and Giveaway! #Flexbrew

FlexBrew ReviewCoffee – oh that lovely warm stuff that keeps the world working. The last few weeks, I haven’t been able to make it through my day at home then work without a large one. And let’s be frank here, you’re either a cup a day person or a a pot a day person. There really isn’t too much in between. But just because I can survive with a cup a day or none at all, doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a large pot of coffee on hand when we have guests over or host parties. In the past parties have done a number on the water reservoir on my single serve coffee maker, and the cost of all of those k-cups goes up and up. If you’re like me, and want the option to make one cup at a time, or a 12 cup pot, let me introduce you to the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker. We were sent one to review and test out, and see if it would do everything we needed.

FlexBrew ReviewThe FlexBrew is unlike most other single cup brewing systems. Like the name suggests you can be flexible about how you brew your coffee, but it’s more than just the size of your brew. That is the only the first way you can choose how you make your coffee. To set up your FlexBrew is very simple, it just requires power, and you easily program the front facing clock. You can also program an automatic start for later in the day. But the size of your brew, is as simple as turning a dial from a full 12 cup pot to the single cup setting. To get it started you simply push the “Brew Now” button.

FlexBrew ReviewThere is one part that can get a tad confusing when you first start using the FlexBrew, and that is the water reservoir itself. Like more traditional coffee makers, you have to fill the reservoir, before each use. But unlike single cup brewers, you cannot simply fill the reservoir and tell it to make you one cup of coffee. Instead you fill the reservoir to the single cup line in order to make a single cup using a pod or your own grounds. If the reservoir is full, it will not make only one cup of coffee. That may be my only complaint about the unit, but that is a small note compared to everything else it can do!

FlexBrew ReviewRemember how I said that the size of your brew is only part of what you can do with the FlexBrew? The coffee maker comes with three different ways for you to make coffee, and each way you can control your brew strength. Like more traditional coffee brewers, the FlexBrew comes with a large replaceable filter, this can be swapped out with paper liners or even a gold liner if you prefer. This can be filled with your traditional grounds, and will easily fill the 12 cup glass carafe with your favorite coffee brew.

FlexBrew ReviewOn the right side of the Flex Brew you will find the drawer for the single serve coffee pods. The drawer slides out easily so you can insert a k-cup or eco-cup with our favorite flavor. This makes it so you can choose your favorite gourmet pods and enjoy it any time you want. But that’s not where the FlexBrew stops. You can actually remove the pod portion of the drawer and replace it with the included gold mini-filter.

FlexBrew ReviewThat’s right, the FlexBrew comes with its own gold filter that fits the single serving sized insert, allowing you to make your own single cup servings of your favorite grinds. You’re not locked down to a large pot of one flavor, expensive single serve pods, or even one flavor at a time. You can grind your own flavors, mix and match and make the coffee you need and want for that situation. It allows you to customize your coffee easily and fits easily into your home decor or lifestyle.

fb2Hamilton Beach is giving one of my readers a FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker of their own. Read how you can win below!

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126 thoughts on “Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-Way Coffee Maker Review and Giveaway! #Flexbrew

  1. I love how you can remove the pod portion of the drawer and replace it with the included gold mini-filter.

  2. Ah, coffee! This looks like a beauty, too! And so versatiile. My favorite feature is just that – it’s versatility. How you have the option to used the single serve pods as supplied, or to tweak your own version of the best cup of coffee for you. The idea the grinding my own flavors and customizing it to my tastes sounds wonderful!

  3. I am very impressed with the many ways to use this pot. especially would appreciate being able to make a single cup without using the expensive k cups. This coffee pot has it all !!

  4. I love that I could brew a big pot for the hubby and do a single cup of my chai for me if I wanted that instead of coffee! When I do drink coffee though- It is loaded down with milk, chocolate, & caramel to kill as much of the taste as possible!

  5. My favorite feature is how you can mix up your flavors and grinds, or use a pre-pared pod for your coffee. A multi-tasker! (I love my coffee sweet!)

  6. This would be perfect for my hubby! The feature that allows you to choose whether to brew a pot or a pod or a cup is fantastic!! That’s exactly what he needs!

  7. I like that you can pre-program it to run later in the day, hubby loves to have his coffee before he heads out to work as he works the night shift, so this would be wonderful for him.

  8. I like my coffee very sweet! My favorite feature is that you can really customize your own flavor, or just use pre-packed coffee pods. Decisions, decisions! : )

  9. That you can also just brew one cup if you don’t want a whole pot and that they are all the same machine. I like my coffee with peppermint mocha creamer. 🙂

  10. My favorite feature, is that you can eith brew up a pot for a crowd, or just as easily make a single cup (flavored your own way) for yourself. Versaility! I take my own coffee sweet, but sometimes I change it up, with vanilla or hazelnut.

  11. My favorite feature is that it is so versatile. Brew up a whole pot for your friends, or stick in a single pod for yourself. And custom grind your own flavors. Can’t beat that!

  12. I like that it let’s you control your brew strength. We like our coffee strong around here. So this is a great option for us.

  13. My favorite feature is the flexibilty it’s named for! Just a cup for yourself, or just a pod for yourself, or a pot for the crowd. My favorite coffee is strong, with sugar, a drop of hazelnut.

  14. Love the flexibility of switching from a pot to a single serve. Great for when I just need a cup in the morning or when I need to brew a whole pot for company.

  15. My favorite feature is how you can change it up – from a custom ground bcup for yourself, or a ready to brew pod, or a whole pot for the family or company. Flexability!

  16. My favorite deature is the flexability of this. No wonder they call it FlexBrew! You can use a pre-packaged pod, or grind and mix your own to suit your taste, or even brew up a potful for company. This does everything! (And I love my coffee dark, strong, and sweet) : )

  17. My favorite feature is that this is the only brewer you’ll need. A pot for the crowd? It can do it. Want to throw in a pre=packaged pod? Done. How about grinding your own, and adding your own flavoring? No problemo! This baby can do it all. (And I love my coffee dark and sweet)

  18. I love the feature on how you can either turn the dial from a full 12 cup pot to the single cup setting.

  19. I so love the flexability! 12 cups or one, this can do it all. And it takes the pre-made pods, too – what a variety! SUPER looking coffee maker!

  20. It’s cool that you can remove the pod thingy and then use the gold mini-filter instead.

  21. It would be great to be able to make a pot of regular coffee, but maybe do a single cup of some other flavor.

  22. I love that you can make from 1 – 12 cuos! And, either grind your own to taste, or use a pre-packaged pod. Versatility is what this is all about! And I love my coffee dark, strong and sweet!

  23. My Mom drinks her coffee with a little cream, and she would love this! It looks really nice!

  24. I love the gold filter basket for making just one cup at a time so that it can be one fresh cup at a time.

  25. The Best feauture is in the name: FlexBrew. Truly flexable! Brew up a pot, or use a pod. Or grind your own, and flavor to taste. It’s all about the flexability! And I love my coffee, dark, strong and sweet!

  26. I like that you can make a single cup of coffee without using Kcup type things. Using your own coffe is a great option.

  27. Being able to make a single cup would be great when using coffee in recipes. I hate to waste a pot when I just need a little.

  28. I love how you can makea cup from a pod, or grind and mix your own, or make a whole pot for the family & friends! And the way I like my coffee is dark and sweet, and strong!

  29. A favorite feature is the mini filter. Being able to make any size with our own grounds when we want to would be really nice.

  30. My favorite feature on the FlexBrew is how it is flexibile. A whole pot of coffee, or a pod just for one, or a cup for one made to your own specifications, tastes, and liking. Super! And I like my coffee very sweey, strong and dark.

  31. My Mom is the big coffee drinker & she likes a dark roast, but I’d like to try using flavored coffees in recipes. This looks really nice!

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