Haan SI40 Agile Steam Mop Product Review, Vlog and a Discount Code! 

Haan Agile Review
Haan SI40 Agile Steam Mop
One of the best ways to clean your house is to use steam. I love using steam as a safe and easy way to clean the wood floors throughout our house. It is a chemical free way to sanitize our spaces and keep our house clean.

For the past couple years I’ve been using a Shark Light and Easy Steam Mop. It has done a good job, but I have found myself frustrated waiting for it to warm up. I have even plugged it in while I clean another room and come back to find it not fully up to the full steam temperature. Once it reached the temperature I wanted it at – I would be able to mop.

Now, I will admit despite the long warm up time it had, I was very happy to have a steam mop to clean up our house. HAAN sent me one of their HAAN SI40 Agile Steam Mop to review and compare to my current Shark model.

The Agile will work on carpet, fabric, wood, tile and even laminate. In the past I had been worried about using the steam mops for laminate floors. The stairs to our basement have older laminate so I’m usually at a loss on what to use on them. I was very happy to find that the Agile was a great way to clean this space in our house.

There are several things that the HAAN Agile offers – so many that I even put them in a vlog for you! Please forgive Godiva’s appearance and if she distracts me a little (I think she really wants to blog about this).

Like I say in the video, you can hear the water being pushed through the heating unit – it almost makes a “Chug chug” noise which reminds me of a train. The Agile gets up to 212 degrees in a matter of 20 seconds! You can almost instantly start getting to work and seeing the clean happening on your floors.

The overall build of the Agile seems sturdier than the Shark model, and while they’re both about the same size they have a few differences. Check out the chart below!

HAAN Agile and the Shark Light and Easy Side by Side:
Haan SI40 Agile Steam Mop


Cleaning Path


Easy of Filling



Heat Up Time


11.75″ W x 6.94″ D x 46.5″ H

12 inches (more with pad)

Multi-directional, left right up and down clicks in place

Removable tank to fill and replace

5.5 lbs

1200 watts

20 seconds

2 floor clothes, 1 stand mat, 1 carpet guard

Shark Light and Easy
10.25″ W x 5″ W x 24.5″ H

10.25 (11 inches with pad)

Pivots but limited in directions

Fixed tank must pour into machine

6 lbs

1500 watts

2-5 minutes (or more)

1 floor cloth, 1 carpet cloth, 1 pouring cup

I am absolutely happy with the cleaning power of the Agile, and as an added bonus it matches my kitchen accessories! It would be a great addition to your cleaning kit!

Now the HAAN Agile retails at $119.95, which is more than you will find the Shark Light and Easy listed at. But is it worth the price difference? Absolutely! It provides an overall better clean, more flexibility and the time saved not waiting on the warm up means a quicker cleaning job!

Special Discount Code:
Right now until September 26th at 12:01 am you can save $15 on a HAAN SI40 Agile Steam Mop! Visit their Website and use code SEPW99 – This is a special discount just for Week 99er readers!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I will definitely have to check one of these out for our kitchen floor – it is such a pain to keep clean.

  2. Nice Video!! I love that it is ready to go quickly, so when you want to use it, you can and we don’t have to wait!
    I have wanted a steam cleaner for my hardwood floors for a while, and I was thinking on getting the Shark, because everyone knows THAT brand! Thanks for the information, I will definitely look into this brand!!


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