Guardians of the Galaxy Rocks it’s Way to Blu-Ray and DVD

guardians of galaxy review
Guardians of the Galaxy Review
Besides having one of the best soundtracks of all the movies out there, if not of the past several years – Guardian of the Galaxy is one of the most entertaining movies that has been released in a long time. Since we were sent a copy on Blu-Ray to review it has hardly left the player.
Coming from the almost unknown Marvel comic series, Guardians of the Galaxy takes you on the journey through the different worlds, as Peter Quill and his gang of misfits try to save the Galaxy. Their adventures take them from prison, to different planets, and battling evil. With a rocking soundtrack the Guardians will take down evil all while Peter Quill (Star Lord) works out piecing together small bits of his past.

The Blu-Ray set includes several features including Guide To The Galaxy With James Gunn — The Director And His 8-Bit Avatar Lead You On A Galactic Adventure Through The Making Of This Epic Movie, From Vibrant Concept Art, Elaborate Makeup And Amazing Sets, To Dancing Baby Groot. It has a total run time of 121 minutes.

We’ve loved this movie and continue to watch it every week. With music that will have you singing alone and will get stuck in your head. Guardians of the Galaxy is a must have for any lover of Marvel comics and Sci-Fi. It is available on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 9th. Check out the trailer below:


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