Grey Ghost Brings Modern Eats and Dining to the Midtown Area #VisitDetroit

grey ghost Detroit review

The Motor City is starting to be known as the Foodie City, and part of that is because of new restaurants like Grey Ghost. A small venue that is serving up big flavors and modern twists on classic meals. Named after Detroit’s own legendary rum running pirate, the restaurant brings a fun twist to the legend and dining out with friends.

grey ghost Detroit reviewWhen was the last time you had fried bologna and waffles? Miso cured cabbage?  Green Garlic Soup or saw a funnel cake on the menu? You can find all of these delicious dishes and much more on the menu at Grey Ghost along side some traditional favorites like cheeseburgers and steaks. Each dish comes out beautifully presented, and some of the combinations will push you to try things just a bit out of your comfort level.

grey ghost Detroit reviewFrom homemade soda options, to water served in recycled milk bottles, Grey Ghost plays to their audience well with modern but conscious dining option. Every detail is taken in the display of their menu on wooden boards to comfortable but adaptable seating.

Dining at Grey Ghost with allergies? No worries there either. Their staff is well trained in knowing what you can have and what can be adapted to make it gluten free. The kitchen even surprised us with a couple of their other options made gluten free just for us.

You wont be disappointed in your meal at Grey Ghost, and will find yourself enjoying a great time with friends and experiencing new flavors you would have never considered.

Grey Ghost is located at 47 E Watson Street, Detroit, MI 48201


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