Trudeau Fuel Review

Green Your Lunch with Trudeau’s Eco-Friendly Fuel Line

Trudeau Fuel ReviewThere is a lot of talk about reducing the waste in your home and recycling, but some of the most basic things can help contribute to a more green lifestyle. One of the easiest ways to reduce waste is to use re-useable containers, but they’re not all made the same. Instead, some end up not being recyclable or make a worst impact on the environment. To answer the need for an eco-friendly option, Trudeau released their Fuel line last fall and sent us a few of the products to check out for Earth Day.

Trudeau Fuel ReviewFuel is one of the newest lines of eco-friendly products for taking your meals on the go. Not only is Fuel BPA free, but it is made from recycled plastics. The products are created with smooth surfaces making it easy to clean, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. The Fuel line includes everything from reusable sandwich wraps, to personal cutlery to carry with you. One of my favorite items so far is the Three Piece Cutlery Set with Pouch. By carrying it with me, it means I always have my own plastic-ware with me and I’ll have it on hand when I need it. But for me, it brings a piece of mind when I’m getting take out – I know that my plastic-ware wont be somehow cross contaminated with gluten, and I can eat a meal safely.

Trudeau Fuel ReviewIn recent months, our meals have started to include a lot of salads. I tend to prep a huge amount ahead of time to enjoy for several days. The plan was to take salads with us to work, however they’re not always easy to pack. We had, for a while, taken them in jars and stacked them just right so the dressing didn’t get the greens soggy. But as cute as the trend of salad in jars is – they are messy to eat, and hard to get everything out. This is where the Fuel Salad on the Go set comes in handy.

Trudeau Fuel ReviewSalad on the Go is really a set of four pieces that snap together. Inside the lid is a removable freezer pack to keep your salad fresh even at your desk. And at the very center, a screw in cup with a snap on lid for your dressing. It provides the perfect amount of dressing for your salad and keeps it separated until you’re ready for it. Once assembled the lid snaps right on the salad bowl and keeps your salad chilled and waiting for you to enjoy. I love that the freezer pack makes it so you don’t have to leave your salad in the fridge where it could go missing!

Trudeau Fuel ReviewTrudeau even has an answer in their Fuel line if salad is not your thing. It’s their 3 course Meal Bento Box. We all know that Bento boxes are the craze right now and the Fuel Bento will soon top that list. The five piece set has the outer box, and two smaller portioned boxes inside with lids. The smaller boxes are microwave safe (without their lids) so you can transport both hot and cold meals in it where ever you’re going.

Trudeau Fuel ReviewOnce closed everything is neatly put in one box that makes it quick and easy to grab when you’re running out the door. But that’s only one great feature of the Fuel Bento Box. I think one of my favorite things is the portion sized spots. You can easily make your lunch to fit any diet and it will make sure you get what you need for lunch and not over do it!

Each product in the Trudeau Fuel line has been designed for a specific purpose but also keeps in mind the end user and what will happen to it when you’re done with the product. Although the Fuel product line comes with a 5 year warranty, they should last much longer. And when you’re done with them – they recycle as well! The products start with a green story and end with one as well.


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