Great Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Great Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

A little kitchen organization can turn this important room into a more efficient and enjoyable space. If you’re looking for the easiest way to organize your kitchen, SCUDO Real Estate suggests easy ideas to get you started.

Storing Kitchen Utensils and Dishes

  • Hang a canvas apron with multiple pockets on the wall or back of the pantry door to store a variety of kitchen utensils. An over-the-door shoe organizer can serve the same purpose.
  • Save shelf space by hanging your mugs on small hooks underneath cabinets.
  • Place a lazy susan or two on pantry or cabinet shelves to keep your stored items easily accessible.
  • Use low baskets or trays in utensil drawers to keep kitchen gadgets sorted.
  • Your counter top canister set can make a great hiding place for smaller items like cookie cutters, measuring spoons and other miscellaneous utensils.
  • A plastic crate turned on its side (with the opening facing out) can make a great storage spot for plastic lids – you can easily flip through the lids to quickly find the one you need.
  • Use a desktop file holder to vertically store plastic cutting boards and metal baking sheets. However, store wooden cutting boards flat to prevent warping.

Organized Food Preparation

  • Store like items together – mixing bowls on one shelf, baking pans on another, canned goods in one section of the pantry, rice and pastas in another and so on.
  • Keep small baskets in the cupboard or pantry for storing small packets of seasonings, gravy mixes and the like. You can quickly pull out the whole basket to find what you’re looking for.
  • Place essential and often-used cooking utensils easily within reach in a crock or large jar by the stove. The tools you don’t use as often can go in a less accessible drawer.

Miscellaneous Kitchen Storage

  • Tape a list of the contents of a cabinet on the inside of the cabinet door. Such a list is especially handy for identifying objects on shelves you can’t easily see or reach.
  • Placing ice cube trays or egg cartons with the lids cut off in the kitchen junk drawer make it easy to organize small items such as thumbtacks, paper clips and screws.
  • Plastic dishpans are helpful for storing items on low shelves in the pantry or cabinets. The plastic containers slide in and out like a drawer.
  • Keep a decorative basket on the counter or near the door for collecting loose everyday items such as keys, mail, glasses, coins, etc.


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