Great Vegetables to Grow in Your Spring Garden

Great Vegetables to Grow in Your Spring Garden

Spring gardens are the first crack at getting dirty that most gardeners wait all winter for, and there are plenty of cool weather crops that are great for spring vegetable gardens. If you are interested in starting your garden early look no further; here is a list of cool weather crops that are perfect for a spring garden.

Most vegetables must be planted a few weeks after the last frost, but there are plenty of vegetables that do great in the cool weather and actually prefer it. These types of vegetable plants are called cool weather crops and they can be planted a few weeks before the last frost in your local area.

Brussels sprouts

This vegetable takes a long time to grow and this is a good reason to start it early. Brussels sprouts love cool weather and this vegetable will thrive in your garden is planted early in the season.


A common cool weather crop is lettuce and it can be sown by seed as early as six weeks before the first frost. Lettuce loves the cool weather and the heavy rain the beginning of spring will provide the ample moisture this cool weather crop needs.


Many root vegetables will grow well when started in early spring; this cool weather crop should be started a few weeks before the first frost date. Carrots like loose soil and early spring is a good time to get your soil ready for carrots because most weeds will be dead and easy to remove.


A southern favorite, collards are a wonderful cool weather crop that should be a staple in spring gardens. This early growing vegetable is grown in similar conditions to lettuce and it can be harvested in the same manner.


A perfect spring vegetable crop is peas and they produce best in cool weather. They can be started very early in your garden and they will stop producing pods when the weather gets too warm. There are several varieties that grow from 1′- 4′ high and they grow best in temperatures of 70 degrees and lower.


These easy to grow vegetable plants can be sown a few weeks before the first frost and they can be harvested in a little over a month. This cool weather crop is the earliest spring vegetable to be harvested and is perfect for a spring garden.

Spring gardens are a great way to start growing vegetables and there are many cool weather crops that will provide you with a bountiful harvest when you are just starting to plant your summer vegetables.x

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